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  • Mass 201 CMR 17 Compliance

    Find out about how this Massachusetts data privacy law, Mass 201 CMR 17, affects you

    The Massachusetts privacy law, Mass 201 CMR 17, establishes a minimum standard for the protection of Massachusetts residents' personal information (PI), both in paper and electronic records. The state defines PI as a resident's first name and last name or first initial and last name in combination with at least one other kind of data, including social security number. Any organization or entity that stores the private data relating to a Massachusetts resident must be compliant with the Massachusetts privacy law, Mass 201 CMR 17. Rapid7 can help you comply with Mass 201 CMR 17 by:

    Mass 201 CMR 17 requires that you scan regularly for vulnerabilities

    Scanning vital systems for vulnerabilities and risks to Mass 201 CMR 17 compliance

    Nexpose discovers all physical and virtual assets in your organization and then finds vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and malware exposure that is not Mass 201 CMR 17 compliant, putting Massachusetts residents' personal information at risk. The contextual information that Nexpose delivers around the level of risk posed by each vulnerability helps you prioritize remediation and mitigation. That way you'll know the safety of PI and other data in your systems. Use Nexpose to help comply with the Massachusetts privacy law Mass 201 CMR 17.

    Test your systems to see if you are Mass 201 CMR 17 compliant with Metasploit

    Testing the effectiveness of your Mass 201 CMR 17 security measures and controls

    If you want to make sure your data, including Massachusetts resident PI, would be secure in a real-life attack scenario, you should run internal and external penetration tests with Metasploit. When you run a penetration test, you can find out how a criminal might access sensitive data and, more importantly, shut down that access point before it can be exploited. See if you are Mass 201 CMR 17 compliant with Metasploit.

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