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  • Configuration Assessment Solutions

    Obtain a holistic picture of your security posture

    Security misconfigurations can pose a significant risk to your organization. Additionally, assuring compliance of your internal policies is a critical component in documenting regulatory compliance and ensuring the security of your environment.

    By using Nexpose for configuration assessment, you can focus on what really matters


    Discover your assets and scan for policy violations.


    Benchmark your policies against industry best practices.


    Provide evidence your policies are in compliance and secure.

    Secure your infrastructure with Nexpose configuration assessment

    Security Configuration Assessment is an integral component of Rapid7 Nexpose and is part of a unified platform that identifies and helps remediate security issues such as vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and exposure to malware kits. Unlike other solutions, Nexpose conducts a unified security assessment with a single platform, single asset inventory, single scan and single reporting engine, so there's no need to run or purchase multiple products.

    Nexpose Security Configuration Assessment helps you secure your infrastructure and document compliance of your internal security policies with multiple regulations and meet demands of internal and external auditors.

    Conduct a full security configuration assessment with Nexpose

    Visibility: Get a complete view of your assets and security threats

    In a rapidly changing IT environment, the first key challenge for any IT or security executive is to obtain better visibility, including visibility into devices and the cloud. With the consumerization of IT obtaining a clear understanding of which assets are on your network is a critical component of your IT and security strategy. Each asset should be governed by a clear policy. These policies are often a combination of industry benchmarks (e.g. FDCC, USGCB, CIS Benchmarks, and DISA STIGS) or by internal best practices.

    Nexpose allows you to conduct full security configuration assessments to ensure potential security threats such as misconfigurations are easily identified. You can:

    • Automatically discover and inventory your physical
      and virtual assets into logical categories.
    • Identify misconfigurations and policy violations in addition to
      vulnerabilities and exposure to malware with a single scan.
    • Gain real-time view of your assets, regardless of changes
      that happen, and be aware of assets that come online.
    • Detect key security threats and map
      those back to your mission-critical assets.
    Management: Configure Your Policies to Minimize Threats

    Management: Configure your policies to minimize threats

    Once Nexpose discovers assets in your environment, it then scans for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, and prioritizes the threats it has found. Nexpose's policy dashboard helps security and IT teams to centrally manage all policies, including creating clear plans of the most essential and impactful actions for your environment that will help to reduce your risk profile.

    Use Rapid7 solutions to:

    • Benchmark your internal policies against industry standards
      such as FDCC, USGCB, SCAP, CIS, and DISA STIGS.
    • Assess if individual rules meet your security standards
      and comply with internal or external regulations.
    • Easily modify your policies with Nexpose's Policy Editor.
    • Measure and streamline your internal security
      operations for optimal effectiveness.
    • Prioritize your resources by impact on your specific
      environment and threat landscape.
    • Develop a clear plan and route of the most impactful actions.
    Action: Focus Your Mitigation Strategies

    Action: Focus Your Mitigation Strategies

    Nexpose's reports provide a complete view of your security posture and also help you drill down to the level of detail that allows each stakeholder, including security professionals, asset owners, and internal and external auditors to see exactly what they need to see.

    Use Rapid7 solutions to:

    • Report on policy violations and document compliance.
    • Create exceptions for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities that
      don't pose a risk to your environment.
    • Send detailed remediation reports to your IT team so they can quickly
      and cost-effectively correct any misconfigurations.
    • Mitigate any potential security threats efficiently
      to minimize your security threats.
    • Take the right actions quickly.
    • Gain creditability with stakeholder teams by delivering
      reports that are relevant, concise and actionable.

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