NERC Compliance Software and SCADA Security for Energy Services

Improve the security of your SCADA systems and pass your NERC audit

The potential devastating effects of a prolonged bulk electric grid outage on the North American economy is a matter of national security and not just inconvenience. Rapid7 NERC compliance software solutions can help you with North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) compliance without disrupting your day-to-day processes, so you can protect the integrity of your SCADA security systems from attacks.

Need a little help with SCADA security and passing your NERC compliance audit? Talk to our Professional Services Team-they can give you the extra boost you need to make sure you'll pass with flying colors.

Leverage Nexpose for SCADA security - Find and monitor your SCADA systems

Find and monitor all your assets

Nexpose makes it easy to find and map all the assets in your organization, physical and virtual, no matter their status. After you've discovered all the assets you own with Nexpose, it will continually scan those assets for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and malware exposure-all without any system slowdowns or downtime. Once you know what you have, it's easy to monitor your SCADA systems in accordance with NERC audit requirements. Download Nexpose for SCADA security today.

Manage vulnerabilities in your systems with Nexpose and Metasploit for SCADA security

Manage vulnerabilities in your systems

You can protect your critical systems from cyber attacks by quickly tracking down vulnerabilities in your systems and validating their potential risk to your infrastructure. Once Nexpose discovers your vulnerabilities, Metasploit checks if those vulnerabilities can be exploited in your environment. With this validation information, you can easily prioritize threats that actually pose a proven threat. This means you gain credibility with IT teams-after all, you've just saved them time by proving the threats they'll remediate really are a risk to your infrastructure. Improve your SCADA security with Nexpose and Metasploit today.

Automate NERC compliance reports to prove SCADA security

Automate NERC audit reports

It's easy to take action and prove your compliance with NERC CIP Standards with automated reporting. After finding and managing discovered threats, including vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, you can automatically generate detailed remediation reports to make sure your SCADA systems remain (or become) NERC compliant. In addition, auto-generated executive summaries also help you meet NERC audit requirements.

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