Security challenges in your industry

Overcome security challenges in your industry with Rapid7's information security solutions

Each industry has its unique security challenges. We know it's a struggle staying current with the regulations and challenges in your field.

That's why we've made it our mission to give you speed with control when it comes to your security: From streamlining compliance-related scanning and reporting, to finding, validating, prioritizing and mitigating threats in your systems.

We reduced risk by more than 98%... particularly impressive when you consider that we brought on five new hospitals in that timeframe.

Scott Erven
Manager, Information Security
Essentia Health

Whatever your industry, Rapid7 can give you simpler and better data and information security solutions


Secure your SCADA systems and networks from attacks and comply with NERC regulations.

Financial Services

Keep precious consumer financial data out of the wrong hands - all while keeping in line with SOX, GLBA, PCI DSS and more.

Federal Government

Protect critical federal information and maintain federal standards for FISMA..


Guard patient health information from data breaches and targeted attacks. Gain HIPAA compliance.

Higher Education

Safeguard the personal data of the bright minds of tomorrow and today. Stop cyber criminals from breaking in to your systems.


Consumers trust you with their financial information when they transact with you. Financial organizations require that information is secured according to PCI DSS compliance regulations. Prove their trust is well-placed.

Security Consulting

You're the best at what you do - work with the best to deliver quality vulnerability management and penetration testing to your customers. Find out how Rapid7 can work for you.