PCI Security and Retail-Focused PCI Compliance

Keep your retail business out of the data breach headlines

A front-page headline about your business sounds like a dream come true, but not if that headline is about how your company breached confidential customer information. A data breach isn't just a PR nightmare, it's costly too: the Ponemon Institute estimates that a breach costs an organization on average $6.6 million dollars. PCI security helps protect your customer's data and makes you compliant with Payment Card Industry specific regulations.

Rapid7 is a PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), which means we can help you achieve PCI security. If you need a boost to your PCI security measures, reach out to our PCI Compliance Services, and we'll help you perform quarterly ASV vulnerability scans and provide certified documentation for your records.

Rapid7 can help with the security challenges faced by retailers.

Retail Security Info Sheet 

Demonstrate PCI security with a variety of reports

Demonstrate your PCI security with a variety of reports

Easily and automatically generate a number of PCI compliance and security reports from templates built right in to Nexpose. You can show the efficacy of your compliance practices and controls with a high-level executive summary report, or provide more detail with PCI security audit reports and remediation plans.

Conduct Vulnerability Scans of Your Entire Infrastructure

Conduct vulnerability scans of your entire infrastructure

You'll keep your business out of the data breach headlines by regularly scanning for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and malware exposure and prioritizing the most critical risks first. That way you address the threats that are proven as exploitable in your infrastructure and reduce remediation impact and cost overall.

Prove the effectiveness of your PCI security with penetration tests

Prove the effectiveness of your PCI security with penetration tests

After you've remediated or mitigated the threats you've discovered, you can use Metasploit to conduct a penetration test on your systems and verify your controls are effective against attacks.

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