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  • Combating Phishing Attacks

    Control your organization's vulnerability to social engineering attacks

    Get a better handle on your organization's exposure to phishing attacks by gaining quick insight on risks and how to reduce them:

    Reduce your exposure to phishing attacks:

    Get visibility

    Simulate a phishing attack to get a fast overview of your risk exposure

    Identify weaknesses

    Spot where your organization is the most vulnerable

    Control risks

    Provide targeted security awareness training and tweak technical controls

    Don't want to conduct a social engineering audit in-house? Talk to one of our security consultants on how we can help you with our professional services.

    Send simulated phishing emails to test your user's security awareness

    Get visibility: Simulate a phishing attack

    Find out whether your security awareness, vulnerability and patch management programs are hitting the spot. Send out phishing emails to your users to measure how many users:

    • Opened the email
    • Clicked on the link
    • Submitted a web form
    • Used an exploitable browser
    Get instant feedback on where users and systems are vulnerable

    Identify weaknesses: Spot where your organization is the most vulnerable

    Find out where users and systems are vulnerable. To Define acceptable levels of risk for your organization and work towards them. If a lot of the users clicked on the link or entered credentials, user awareness is your biggest problem. If many clients were exploitable after users clicked on the link, you may want to improve system security.

    Follow the actionable advice in the Metasploit reports to reduce your exposure

    Control risks: Get detailed advice

    If your user awareness metrics are cause for concern, additional training may be in order. Send users directly to an on-demand course after they click on a phishing link, or sign them up later. Measure the effectiveness of your security awareness trainings by measuring the phishing email click-through rate before and after the training. Adjust your training content or delivery method if the trainings don't show the results you were hoping for.

    To improve system security, review your vulnerability management and patching programs, or tweak browser security settings.

    Metasploit Pro can also feed phishing results into Rapid7 UserInsight, providing visibility of user risk across on-premise, cloud and mobile environments. Get a full picture of a user's accounts, network activity, cloud services, mobile devices, network activity and phishing in one place, unifying information normally scattered across systems. Metasploit Pro is the only phishing simulation solution that integrates with a solution to provide insight into user activity and risk.

    With Rapid7 solutions focused on phishing risk, you can:

    • Test user awareness on an overall or per user basis
    • Deliver training to users who need it
    • Verify the effectiveness of technical controls
    • Get visibility where the majority of your risk lies in the phishing kill chain
    • View phishing risk in the light of the overall user risk, including user activity across on-premise, cloud, and mobile environments

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