Penetration Testing Security Solutions

Identify critical security issues on your network with penetration testing security software

Rapid7 penetration testing security solutions help you efficiently test your network security through penetration testing, safely simulating cyber-attacks to test your defenses so you know whether and where your data is at risk. Metasploit Pro is based on the Metasploit project with 200,000 users and contributors, making it the de-facto standard for penetration testing. New exploits developed by security researchers are often written as a Metasploit module, making them immediately available to Metasploit users. Its exploits and payloads have been tested both in the lab and the field.

With our penetration testing security solutions, you can easily and efficiently conduct penetration tests


Discover assets and safely simulate attacks. Find systems on your network and uncover their weak spots.


Boost your productivity. Collect, filter, automate and tag, and share findings with your team.


Fix security issues you identified. Generate reports for your stakeholders to address security issues and pass audits.

Don't have time to run penetration tests in-house? Talk to one of our penetration testing security consultants on how we can help you with our professional services.

Use our penetration testing security solution to discover assets and simulate attacks

Visibility: Discover assets and safely simulate attacks

Find systems on your network and uncover their weak spots. Choose your target network and click start, and the Metasploit penetration testing software will discover all hosts and services. You can also start a Nexpose vulnerability scan from within Metasploit or import the vulnerability reports of over a dozen third-party tools to learn more about the network before you start your penetration test. If you want to do closed-loop vulnerability validation, you can also push the results back into Nexpose.

Penetrating the network: with the Metasploit penetration testing security software, you'll apply the same methods attackers would use to gain access to your network - in a safe and controlled way.

Pick and mix from these attack methods:

  • Target servers, network devices, databases, web applications,
    endpoint systems and virtual machines.
  • Exploit machines, choosing from the world's largest public
    collection of quality-tested exploits.
  • Brute force passwords on over a dozen services, including
    databases, webservers and SSH.
  • Launch a social engineering campaign to compromise user machines
    with phishing emails and malicious websites and attachments.
  • Jump from one compromised machine to the next through VPN
    pivoting until you've owned the entire network.
Use Metasploit for penetration testing security and to validate risk

Management: Boost your productivity

Metasploit efficiently guides you through its workflow and manages all host data and collected evidence, saving you a ton of time during the penetration test and at reporting time - whether you're working alone or collaborating as a team.

Collect, filter, automate, tag and share findings with your team. You love breaking into networks. It's a fun job. But like with any other job, there are the mundane tasks that nobody likes to do. Metasploit penetration testing security software can help you ease the pain by cutting your time for large assignments in half.

  • Streamline evidence collection, including screenshots,
    password hashes and files.
  • Tag and annotate hosts to manage and augment information
    for reporting.
  • Instantly share all information with team members.
  • Automate and schedule your standard workflows with task
  • Integrate Metasploit with other products or your custom workflows
    through APIs.
Use our penetration testing security solution to fix the issue you identify

Action: Fix security issues you identified

Now it's time to share what you've learned about what puts your network at risk:

  • Generate reports that combine all of your team members' insights for your key stakeholders, such as system administrators, auditors and executives.
  • Present evidence that you got in and what you found by including screenshots, passwords and compromised files.
  • Leave behind scripts that retrace the steps you took to compromise a network so administrators can verify that the fix they put in place stops attackers from getting in.

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