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Vulnerability Management

Detect, assess, fix, and mitigate critical security issues

Rapid7's vulnerability management software Nexpose helps you to proactively fix or mitigate security threats such as vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and malware exposure before they can be exploited by attackers.

By using Nexpose for vulnerability management, you can
focus on what really matters


Discover your assets and scan for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and malware exposure.


Create insight into the effectiveness of your vulnerability management program.


Fix security issues you've identified with clear remediation steps and mitigation recommendations.

Rapid7 Nexpose is a unified risk assessment solution that provides vulnerability management, security configuration assessment, web application, controls assessment from a single platform. Discover all of your devices, run your scans, prioritize threats and fix key security issues all from within a single application - all at one price.

Analyze and secure your entire physical and virtual IT infrastructure, including networks, operation systems, web applications and databases with Nexpose and validate security risk that is specific to your environment with Metasploit.

Visibility: Get a Complete View of Your Assets and Security Threats

Visibility: Get a complete view of your assets and security threats

With more and more managed and unmanaged assets on your network, getting a complete view of your IT infrastructure is no small task. Nexpose provides transparency of your devices and virtual assets to create a single view of your network that is shared among all stakeholders. It also enables you to understand which threats put your organization at the greatest risk and how those connect to your environment.

With Rapid7 you can:

  • Scan your IPv4 and IPv6 environments to discover your physical and virtual assets. Nexpose even discovers risk associated with IPv6 devices that may be enabled by default on your IPv4 environments.
  • Always know what assets you have, no matter their status.
  • Inventory and group assets into a variety of logical organizational categories. What happens when new assets are added or deleted? No problem. Your asset groups automatically and dynamically update.
  • Scan for current and emerging threats—including vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and the impact of malware – and see how they connect to your environment.
  • Enable stakeholders to manage just the assets they own and only see what matters to them.
Vulnerability management

Management: Create insight into the effectiveness of your vulnerability management program

Once Nexpose has discovered assets in your environment and scanned these for vulnerabilities, it then prioritizes these threats that need your attention right away based on threat-driven risk-scoring methods. The automated reporting and action plans will leave you confident about managing your threats on your network. Thanks to valuable metrics and the trending reports, you can clearly see how well you are tracking against key risk thresholds that you’ve established.

With Rapid7 solutions, you'll be able to:

  • Prioritize threats based on potential risk, so you can address what's most dangerous first.
  • Assess the potential risks identified by Nexpose scans and cross-check with available exploits and malware kits.
  • Validate vulnerabilities and their risk based on what’s actually exploitable in your environment.
  • Keep track of your security program effectiveness with powerful executive and trending reports.
  • Measure and streamline your internal security operations for optimal effectiveness.
  • Prioritize your resources by impact on your specific environment and threat landscape.
  • Develop a clear plan and route of the most impactful actions.
Action: Fix Security Issues

Action: Fix security issues

Now that you know what’s important, work with the rest of your organization to fix the issues. Nexpose will help you determine which vulnerabilities should be patched and in which cases it makes more sense to look at compensating controls.

Nexpose’s clear remediation reports tell you not only what you need to fix but also the effort required. You can easily make your recommendations for IT more relevant by drilling down into the specific vulnerabilities that only matter to each asset owner, saving them time to fix security issues more efficiently. Make your security operations even more impactful by validating your security risk with Metasploit.

Use Rapid7 solutions to:

  • Send detailed remediation reports to your IT team so they can quickly and easily resolve the issues.
  • Set up mitigating controls for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and threats related to malware that need attention.
  • Act on prioritized and exploitable vulnerabilities with practical remediation and mitigation advice.
  • Mitigate any potential security threats efficiently to minimize your security threats.
  • Take the right actions quickly, meeting critical turn-around commitments as part of your SLAs.
  • Gain credibility with stakeholder teams by delivering reports that are relevant, concise and actionable.

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