Replace AlienVault: An AlienVault Alternative

Get the threat detection you seek without the unending deployment headaches

Has your team spent countless hours managing AlienVault without realizing the threat detection you were promised? You’re not alone. Leveraging the community’s help in order to spend less for effective detection sounds like a convincing idea, and having a strong community is incredibly useful. However, too much conflicting information from other, dissimilar organizations actually requires more analysis and threat intelligence expertise of your team, not less.

Unless your IT security department is brimming over with security pros looking for work to do [insert laughter here] spending time in the wrong rabbit holes is not a luxury you can afford. Rapid7 synthesizes its own community’s knowledge of the attacker with singularly focused employees to ensure that InsightIDR gives you the intelligence you need to make informed decisions about your environment, fast. And when we say “fast,” we mean it. InsightIDR starts detecting suspicious behavior in your environment just a couple of hours after the initial setup.

Unify your monitoring, including endpoints

Attackers are not only compromising endpoints with malware, but they’re moving between them via lateral movement, stolen credentials, and other stealthy techniques. InsightIDR arms you with visibility way beyond the network and gateway—you’ll see into endpoints and leading cloud services, such as Office 365, Salesforce, and Box, to monitor user behavior across the ecosystem. This allows you to eliminate blind spots, augment existing investments, and take advantage of SIEM, UBA, and EDR in a single solution.

Detect attacks with user behavior analytics and deception technology

How are attackers successfully getting onto the network? Your monitoring technology needs to detect stealthy, malware-free attacks, especially when this behavior isn’t triggering known indicators of compromise. We built InsightIDR to detect these elusive behaviors through a combination of anomaly detection, analytics for known attacker techniques, and automated deception technology to identify traces of the attacker not found in your log files.

Prioritize your search to find the answers you need, fast

If you’re in the 62% of organizations that report getting more alerts than they can investigate, you’re likely weary from piecing together user activity, gathering endpoint data, or validating known good behavior to uncover yet another false positive. InsightIDR applies both attacker and user behavior analytics to your data during ingestion to surface the highest priority activity to investigate. No need to teach this product how to analyze your data—it’s built-in. You’ll automate the legacy work of log search platforms to provide a visual timeline that speeds up investigations by over 20x.

Ready to take InsightIDR for a spin?