“InsightIDR's SIEM capabilities are unmatched”— Security Analyst1

If your traditional SIEM is driving more work and less results, it’s time to switch. Here are 10 more reasons why Rapid7 InsightIDR is worth the move.

  • 1 Unmatched time-to-value
  • 2 High quality alerts — not noise
  • 3 Respond faster and with confidence
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1. Unmatched time-to-value

InsightIDR leads the pack when it comes to fast deployment times. Consistently, our customers report being up and running in a day or less. Gartner Peer Insight reviews confirm, we have the fastest deployment times in the SIEM space. InsightIDR’s lightweight cloud hosting, easy data ingestion processes, instant data processing, and out-of-the-box detections remove the setup burdens common with traditional SIEMs—delivering immediate ROI for customers.

“Every step of the way, I've had the best support experience I've had to date. Rapid7's products are intuitive, feature-rich and even fun to use. Their support staff are equally impressive, after working with Splunk and ELK in the past, it's remarkable how simple to configure and manage this program is. As a small team, it's critical for us to get maximum benefit from off-the-shelf apps like insightIDR." ★★★★★ — Security and Risk Management at Services Company | Gartner Reviews

2. High quality alerts—not noise

Too many SIEMs generate noisy alerts, creating more work for teams chasing down false positives. InsightIDR leverages a rich threat intelligence community—including insights from our own Managed Detection and Response (MDR) team, and research from projects like Metasploit and Project Sonar—to drive high quality, out-of-the-box detections. This, combined with a deep heritage of User Behavior Analytics, means customers get alerts that they can trust from Day 1.

“You really want to have this in your company for security peace of mind and real insight into security issues you may not even realize you have! Rapid7 has served us as good or better than any other tool we've used to date.” ★★★★★ — Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation Company | Gartner Reviews

3. Respond faster and with confidence

When it comes to a breach, response time is critical to minimize threats. InsightIDR provides high context, visual timelines that outline each step of an attack, correlating critical data sources together to give analysts all the information they need in one place. This single source of truth, combined with automated workflows for containment, enrichment, and ticketing, means faster response and resolution.

“The tool has decreased our average amount of time to investigate and remediate any incident from days, assuming the incident was even seen to begin with, to an average time of 22 minutes.” ★★★★★ — Healthcare Company | Gartner Reviews

Rapid7’s Insight cloud is trusted by 7,800+ organizations & 120+ countries.

4. Better coverage across the modern environment

Legacy SIEM tools were designed for legacy environments, before hybrid landscapes, remote workforces, and cloud apps became the norm. The remit of today’s security team is much broader, tasked with monitoring a wider and more ubiquitous technology footprint.

InsightIDR collects data across the modern environment and, unlike traditional SIEMs, does the work to turn it into actionable insights for teams. This includes on-premises assets, as well as data from branch offices, remote employees, cloud infrastructures, SaaS applications, and more. With aggregation, normalization, correlation, and attribution across endpoints, logs, cloud, and the network, InsightIDR provides a single pane of glass for teams to get end-to-end visibility.

5. Designed for actual threat detection and response

Log-management centric SIEMs may check a box for compliance or storage requirements, but when it comes to practical threat detection, these tools fall short. InsightIDR was designed for threat detection and response from the ground up, built to recognize potential incidents early in the ATT&CK chain and provide accurate, high context, and actionable alerts.

“A lot of SIEMs out there are just glorified log management systems. In my opinion, a SIEM is something that ties together your intel, all the logs, and gives you the ability to build cases and do case management within the platform. [...] Everything is going into one source, so if I want to look, instead of going into 15 different tools, I can just log right into IDR, build a query in five minutes, if that's something I want to alert off of, I can set up a custom alert, and I'm good to go.”

6. Go from complexity to clarity

Being a security analyst is stressful. Technology environments are moving rapidly, teams are under resourced, and there is constant pressure to avoid a serious breach. In fact, 65% of IT and security professionals say they are burnt out (and we can’t blame them).

The core mission of InsightIDR is to help security teams increase the efficacy and efficiency of their threat detection and response. InsightIDR customers get instant relief and results thanks to the lightweight deployment, ease of management, and rich, intuitive featureset. Guided by our UX and Research arm, we iterate with both our managed SOC and customers to ensure that we are solving real security problems and delivering measurable time savings for teams. The intuitive user experience eliminates long onboarding cycles and empowers teams to start acting on alerts right away.

InsightIDR Dashboard

InsightIDR Dashboard

7. SaaS is the future of SIEM

With the explosion of data and systems that teams need to monitor today, efficient cloud hosting is quickly becoming the most attractive option to offer the scale and flexibility they need to keep up with rapidly evolving environments. More and more teams are moving to the cloud to tap into these benefits and access real-time threat detection. Gartner predicts that in less than 5 years, 80% of SIEM solutions will have capabilities that are only delivered via the cloud—up from 20% today. Alternative solutions have recognized this shift and quickly scrambled to put incomplete hybrid offerings in the market, leaving customers with a complex maze of workarounds and jumping between different interfaces.

InsightIDR was natively built in the cloud. No workarounds. No jumping between tools. No compromises. Learn more about Gartner’s recommendations for evaluating SaaS SIEM solutions, and how InsightIDR checks all the boxes.

8. Flexible options for your business

Rapid7 offers a suite of detection and response offerings to meet your organization’s unique needs. These include:

  • InsightIDR: Our cloud SIEM for modern threat detection and response.
  • Managed Detection and Response: Our 24/7 managed SOC.
  • InsightConnect: Our security orchestration and automation solution.

In addition, we offer a number of deployment and incident response services. Use any of these solutions on their own or in combination to exceed your security goals and stay ahead of attackers.

9. Transparent pricing, no guessing games

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InsightIDR is aggressively priced to make enterprise threat detection and response available to teams of any size. We use transparent, asset-based pricing (meaning no invoicing surprises down the road). Customers get access to the full suite of features out of the box, including: User and Attacker Behavior Analytics, endpoint detection and response, deception technology, log search and correlation, and automation.

Thinking of going the managed route? Our Managed Detection and Response customers not only get access to unlimited data—they get full access to the InsightIDR cloud SIEM.

10. Again, don’t listen to us: See what customers are saying

Rapid deployment, Near instant insight.
I deployed InsightIDR in less than a day across my entire infrastructure. After the burn in time of a few days, and very little tuning, I was able to gain unparalleled insight into what was going on inside my environment. IDR has been key in reducing the amount of time spent investigating incidents from hours and days to minutes. A key selling point was the light infrastructure requirement, and the fact that the agents continue to feed information to the cloud console regardless of physical location. I have deployed many SIEMs in my career, however as I run a very small team, many of the traditional SIEM providers that required a great degree of care and feeding were out of our reach. IDR's capabilities are as good or better than any legacy SIEM I've touched, with no real attention the product's infrastructure required, and has been a great tool and investment for my team. "
— Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation at Healthcare Company | Gartner Reviews

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