IT Security and Compliance Solutions for Auditors

Gain and easily document compliance

There are so many external regulations and internal policies that your organization needs to comply with. Making sure your organization is in compliance is the first step, but an important second step is documenting that everything is running the right way. As an auditor, you don’t want to spend time using security software, you want to spend time on documenting IT security and compliance. How can you quickly get an accurate view of internal and compliance in easy-to-access reports that you can use to substantiate your conclusions?

Rapid7's IT security and compliance solutions help by:

Conducting IT Security Assessments, Identifying Vulnerabilities and Performing Penetration Tests.

Conducting IT security assessments, identifying vulnerabilities and performing penetration tests.

You need a clear view of your organization’s entire infrastructure and a complete understanding of the threat landscape. Part of achieving compliance is mapping vulnerabilities to specific controls and policies already in place to prove that you meet regulations.

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Documenting Compliance with Simple Reporting

Documenting compliance with simple reporting

Whether you are an internal auditor who needs to demonstrate adherence to organizational policies or an external auditor from a large consulting firm, you need an easy-to-use reporting tool that gives you fast, accurate and thorough documentation of policy and regulation compliance. Rapid7’s IT security and compliance solutions does just that.

Validating Remediation Measures Have Worked

Validating remediation measures have worked

Sometimes in the course of an audit, you’ll find issues that need to be resolved. With Rapid7, you’ll be able to provide your client or internal IT operations exact steps that need to be taken to correct IT security and compliance gaps. Leverage Rapid7’s easy-to-use exception handling to override findings if compensating controls are in place or simply send mitigation steps back to key asset owners for follow-up.

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