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Getting Started with Vulnerability Risk Management (VRM)

Thanks for taking the next step towards comprehensive risk management and reduction. Get started with these resources thoughtfully compiled by our VRM experts.

Comprehensively securing your attack surface from the infrastructure to application layer can be quite the undertaking. With the help of our VRM experts and consultants, we've curated a set of resources to help you get started and continue your security journey with confidence.

Blog - Defining Vulnerability Risk Management

Blog: Defining Vulnerability Risk Management (and How to Build Your Program)

Learn why a comprehensive vulnerability risk management (VRM) program that covers infrastructure and applications should be the next step for your security team, and how technology can support these efforts.

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Sample Deck - Rapid7 Vulnerability Risk Management

Sample Pitch Deck: Building a Business Case for VRM with Your Stakeholders

This sample slide deck gives you an outline to speak to the joint value of Rapid7 vulnerability management and application security solutions to your internal budget and stakeholders.

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Checklist - Getting Started with Vulnerability Risk Management with Rapid7

Checklist: How to Get Started with Vulnerability Risk Management

So, where exactly do you start rebuilding your VRM program and strategy? Our Advisory Services team has outlined six steps and best practices to help you hit the ground running.

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Rapid7 Customer Testimonial - Hypertherm

Customer Success Story: Hypertherm

Hear from James Thompson, Security Manager at Hypertherm, about how Rapid7 InsightVM and InsightAppSec help him reduce risk across Hypertherm's dynamic attack surface, and paint a more complete picture of risk for his executive team.

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