Vulnerability Management Automation

Streamline the tedious aspects of your vulnerability management process

In the face of an evolving threat landscape, it’s more important than ever for teams to remediate or contain identified vulnerabilities quickly—before they’re exploited by attackers.

The problem? There’s already a backlog of work on your team’s plate, and the sheer number of manual steps and processes that need to be executed just to get a single vuln from discovery to remediation or containment is enough to incite audible groans from security and IT.

The solution is in vulnerability management automation. With automation, you can accelerate the process of patching and containment by removing or optimizing manual processes and repetitive steps.

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Eliminate the tedious back-and-forth of traditional remediation

The patching process is comprised of many steps, from aggregating key information to retrieving fixes for identified vulnerabilities to ultimately applying the patches across the environment. Additionally, these tasks are often passed off between security and IT teams multiple times throughout the process through ticketing tools or other means of communication.

Automation as part of your vulnerability management strategy can help you streamline the mundane parts of the process by maximizing the capabilities of the tools and workflows you already leverage. This increases the speed at which security teams can gather necessary information and transfer that information to their IT counterparts, in turn decreasing the time it takes for those teams to implement a fix.

Easily implement stopgaps

It’s the hard truth: You can’t remediate every vulnerability you find immediately—or maybe ever. Leveraging automation can also help you decrease your exposure from these vulnerabilities by automatically implementing compensating controls via your Network Access Control (NAC) systems, firewalls, and Endpoint Detection and Response tools (EDR).

By configuring these tools to automatically restrict network traffic to impacted assets, you can ensure that you keep attackers out until you are able to plug any gaps in your environment.

Bring automation to your vulnerability management program with Rapid7 InsightVM

Rapid7’s vulnerability assessment tool, InsightVM, is recognized by analysts like Gartner and Forrester as a dominant force in the vulnerability management market. With built-in workflows, InsightVM makes it easy to get started with automation and work toward a more comprehensive vulnerability management program.

Automation-Assisted Patching in InsightVM

InsightVM integrates with IBM BigFix and Microsoft SCCM to breathe new life into your security program by enabling your team to get ahead of their backlog of work. We know that patching can be a very complicated process on both the technical and human sides; that’s why InsightVM was designed to give you (or IT) the autonomy to make key decisions in the patching process as it progresses, as well as the pertinent information needed to make those decisions. In other words, you benefit from the time savings of vulnerability management automation without sacrificing control.

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Automated Containment in InsightVM

At some point, every security professional will come across vulnerabilities that cannot be remediated in the short term (or ever). That’s why InsightVM automates the process of pushing policies and actions to firewalls, NACs, and EDR tools like Palo Alto PAN-OS, Cisco FirePower, and Carbon Black Response. Utilizing these workflows, you can implement temporary (or permanent) compensating controls to limit traffic to exposed assets or specific ports/services on the assets. That way, you reduce your risk while keeping pace with business as usual.

Learn more about Automated Containment in InsightVM.

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