Free Trial: Container Security Assessment

Gain direct visibility across your entire container infrastructure

The rise of Docker containers has fundamentally changed the way organizations think about architecting, building, testing, and deploying their applications. If you’re in DevOps, that’s great news—containers allow you to build and deliver services and applications faster than ever before. But security and IT professionals recognize that despite their immediate benefits, new technologies typically bring new operational and security challenges. Central to it all? Visibility.

Rapid7 InsightVM, Rapid7's leading vulnerability management solution, provides direct visibility into the risk posed by container images in your environment, as well as the systems that host them, integrated within one solution at no additional cost.

With InsightVM, you can:

  • Discover Docker containers in your environment and the systems that host them.
  • Scan hosts for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.
  • Connect to public and private container registries to assess the security of container registries before they're deployed.
  • Correlate image vulnerability assessment with deployed container images to understand the risk posed to your network.
  • Understand the impact of this risk with container Liveboards, live dashboards that are easily queryable and customizable.

Scan and see for yourself with a free 30-day trial.