Rapid7 Supercharges SecOps with Generative AI Solutions Built on AWS

Rapid7 worked with AWS services to build a generative artificial intelligence (AI) engine that was capable of driving exceptional outcomes for MDR customers. The Rapid7 MDR SOC can now help customers rapidly identify critical anomalies and recognize threats evolving in real time. In this eBook you’ll learn how the Rapid7 AI Engine enables:

  • Intelligent threat detection

    Detecting real threats begins with fielding an alert. With AI-assisted alert triage, expert security analysts can use qualified historical security data to more accurately label alerts as malicious or benign. This enables the Rapid7 MDR SOC to proactively triage, prioritize, and investigate the alerts that matter to customers.

  • AI-powered SOC assistant

    Generative AI makes SOC efficiency gains more possible than ever. This means MDR analysts can now better detect security threats and proactively mitigate risk by providing guidance on a wide range of complex situations that trigger alerts and subsequent detection and response (D&R) workflows.

  • Secure AI/ML application development

    Customers can leverage generative AI-powered secure application development with best practices aligned to the OWASP Top 10 for machine learning (ML) and large language models (LLMs). These best practices inform continuous auditing of AI-powered cloud assets, with findings enriched by InsightCloudSec’s Layered Context – a holistic view of AI-related cloud risk.

Rapid7 & AWS: Download the AI eBook

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