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Our industry-leading attack experts analyze vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and threat data to deliver guidance and intelligence that organizations can use to proactively inform, build, and improve their security programs.

#1 open-source communities fueling purple teams and DFIR

Join the world’s largest open-source communities, Velociraptor and Metasploit, and leverage world class vulnerability research from the AttackerKB.

Embedded intelligence 

Gain clarity across your evolving environment with solutions and services that have Rapid7 Labs intelligence baked in.

Emergent threat response

Expert analysis delivers valuable context on attack trends, emergent threats, and high-priority vulnerabilities correlated to your specific environment.

Internet exposure projects

Better understand your exposure to the public internet with insights from Project Sonar and Project Lorelei.

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Bringing a unique practitioner focus to security operations means we're ranked as a "Leader", with a "Visionary" model that puts your success at the center of all we do.

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