New Report Deconstructs CODESYS to Help Better Understand Industrial Automation Risk

Industrial automation is a critical component of modern manufacturing and has proven to be a tricky area to secure. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are particularly fragile services and routine network scanning can lead to Denial of Service situations. This puts the entire manufacturing process at risk. Unfortunately, network protocols for discovery of PLCs can be proprietary and undocumented.

So we reverse engineered one.

In this report, researcher Andreas Galauner reverse engineers CODESYS, a very common network protocol used for discovery of PLCs to give security pros a better understanding of how CODESYS operates and what can be done to better protect it.

In this report you will:

  • Receive detailed descriptions of CODESYS deconstructed, how it operates, and what each component does.

  • Better understand how to protect industrial automation and manufacturing floors through a deeper understanding of CODESYS.

  • Access all scripts used in the reverse engineering process.

Download the Report

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