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Extended Detection and Response (XDR) can address pressing issues that security teams face today: tool sprawl, alert fatigue, threat prioritization, even the skills gap. But too many vendors are hyping the new acronym and too many security leaders don’t know as much as they need to. “Maybe it’s me,” wrote ESG’s Jon Oltsik in CSO, “but I don’t think you’ll be very successful when three-quarters of your customers are confused about what you are trying to sell them.”

This XDR Buyer’s Guide is for all of you (and the news is, it’s close to all of you) who are trying to evaluate XDR with the goal of consolidation. Everything has to get simpler. In this guide, you’ll get:

  • Must-have requirements any real XDR offers

  • Ways XDR is a staffing and efficiency game-changer

  • Key questions to ask as you evaluate options

Access the guide here and consider your next steps more confidently

Get the XDR Buyer's Guide

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