Presenting Upward: How To Showcase SecOps Metrics That Matter

Executives and boards talk cybersecurity all the time now, but according to Harvard Business Review, “Boards Are Having the Wrong Conversations About Cybersecurity.”

Everybody’s trying harder. But are you getting the right support? A whopping 78% of CEOs say they don’t have adequate data on risk exposure to make good decisions.1 But when you show them the data? Nearly all will “trust their gut” to make those decisions anyway.2

This ebook is a fast, fun read and an inside look at communications tools your top management may even use themselves. And it could make a difference the next time you’re on the spot. Learn to speak their language of your execs, so you can make sure the conversations they’re having about cybersecurity are finally the right ones.

  • Narrative: How stories create involuntary empathy

  • Numbers: If you don’t measure it, does it even exist?

  • Consolidation: Improve your results, your story, even your life

Download the ebook to start building narratives about security your management will hear, understand, and care about.

PWC Consulting 2023
“‘Feel the Force’: Gut Instinct, Not Data, Is the Thing,” The Wall Street Journal, October 18, 2019.

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