The Rapid7-Mimecast-Netskope Triple Play:

A Better Way to Protect Data, Everywhere

Data protection is more important -- and harder -- than ever. Organizations face relentless growth in the amount of data they must manage and, of course, protect. In response, security organizations are seeking more coherent, comprehensive, and automated ways to view activity, protect against data escape, and defend faster.

Three key elements of a technology solution to these problems is to provide increased:

  • Intelligence - To facilitate better decision making

  • Automation - To do what needs to be done faster and more efficiently

  • Integration - To better leverage the organization’s existing IT and security systems and processes

This is exactly what the combination of Rapid7, Mimecast, and Netskope can provide!

Access the white paper today to learn about how these solutions, when used together, can deliver greater intelligence, automation, and integration.

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