InsightConnect Free Demo

Watch these on-demand demos of Rapid7 InsightConnect, our industry-leading security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solution. When combined with InsightIDR, our SIEM and XDR solution, or InsightVM, our vulnerability management solution, automation can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of many areas of your security program.

These demos will cover:

  • Experience the power of SOAR
    Improve collaboration, enrich investigations, automatically contain active threats, and level-up to 24x7 operations.

  • Extend InsightIDR capabilities
    Streamline alert and incident handling, and broadly extendInsightIDR’s detection and response capabilities.

  • See InsightConnect in action
    Leverage third-party preventive controlsas well as tools like Slack and Teamsfor communication.

  • Accelerate Vulnerability Management
    Leveraging InsightVM, InsightConnect accelerates discovery, validation, and orchestration of critical vulnerabilities.

See InsightConnect in Action

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