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Seagate Business NAS Unauthenticated Remote Command Execution Exploit

Disclosed: March 01, 2015

Some Seagate Business NAS devices are vulnerable to command execution via a local file include vulnerability hidden in the language parameter of the CodeIgniter session cookie. The vulnerability manifests in the way the language files are included in the code on the login page, and hence is open to attack from users ...

D-Link/TRENDnet NCC Service Command Injection Exploit

Disclosed: February 26, 2015

This module exploits a remote command injection vulnerability on several routers. The vulnerability exists in the ncc service, while handling ping commands. This module has been tested on a DIR-626L emulated environment. Several D-Link and TRENDnet devices are reported as affected, including: D-Link DIR-626L (Rev A) v1.04...

WordPress WP EasyCart Plugin Privilege Escalation Exploit

Disclosed: February 25, 2015

The WordPress WP EasyCart plugin from version 1.1.30 to 3.0.20 allows authenticated users of any user level to set any system option via a lack of validation in the ec_ajax_update_option and ec_ajax_clear_all_taxrates functions located in /inc/admin/admin_ajax_functions.php. The module first changes the admin e-mail addr...

WordPress Admin Shell Upload Exploit

Disclosed: February 21, 2015

This module will generate a plugin, pack the payload into it and upload it to a server running WordPress providing valid admin credentials are used.

Javascript Injection for Eval-based Unpackers Exploit

Disclosed: February 18, 2015

This module generates a Javascript file that executes arbitrary code when an eval-based unpacker is run on it. Works against js-beautify's P_A_C_K_E_R unpacker.

ElasticSearch Search Groovy Sandbox Bypass Exploit

Disclosed: February 11, 2015

This module exploits a remote command execution (RCE) vulnerability in ElasticSearch, exploitable by default on ElasticSearch prior to 1.4.3. The bug is found in the REST API, which does not require authentication, where the search function allows groovy code execution and its sandbox can be bypassed using java.lang.Math....

WordPress Holding Pattern Theme Arbitrary File Upload Exploit

Disclosed: February 11, 2015

This module exploits a file upload vulnerability in all versions of the Holding Pattern theme found in the upload_file.php script which contains no session or file validation. It allows unauthenticated users to upload files of any type and subsequently execute PHP scripts in the context of the web server.