Senior Software Engineer

US - TX - Austin


US - TX - Austin


Product & Engineering

Many Rapid7 customers rely on Metasploit Pro to keep their businesses and clients safe by revealing viable attack surfaces and current security posturing. We're looking for a Metasploit senior software engineer to join our ranks! As a Metasploit engineer, you'll be a part of a team dedicated to moving Metasploit Pro forward, and you'll also have the opportunity to work on the world's most popular (and open-source) exploitation framework: Metasploit Framework!


Opportunities working with Metasploit

As a member of our cross-functional team working on Metasploit Pro, your contributions will be instrumental to the team's (and our customers') success. You will participate in planning discussions, guide more junior developers, and offer your thoughts on ways we might improve both product and process.

You'll also have some involvement with Metasploit Framework and the Rapid7 teams and worldwide community who contribute to it. This includes unique opportunities to connect with the Metasploit (and security, at-large) community, including annual events like the Metasploit Community CTF, contributor hackathon, and Open Source Security Meetup.

Desirable Soft Skills

Willingness to learn and dig into code. Not everything is spelled out, but everything is discoverable.

Ability to learn and evaluate new technologies quickly. You're comfortable with experimentation and uncertainty.

Ability to work asynchronously and directly with co-workers from around the world.

Capacity to keep yourself accountable and assume positive intent in the actions of others.

Desire to focus on outcomes (not just “checking the boxes”) and ability to see things from the user's point-of-view.

Interest in hacking and hacker culture is a plus. You are curious about how things work and willing to figure it out.

Desirable Technical Skills

Some Ruby and Ruby on Rails experience desired. You have used Ruby and have some understanding of the Rails framework. Experience with other languages, such as C, C++, assembly, and JavaScript, is a plus. You'll learn a lot on the job.

Conversant in distributed project development. You can review, merge, and rebase with aplomb.

Well versed in dependency management and its best practices.

Understanding of how the Internet works, routing, and infrastructure. Interest in modern networking and deployment tooling, such as Kubernetes, AWS, Vagrant, and Docker are a plus.

Experience with Metasploit Framework is a plus. You understand what it's for, how to use it, and have opinions on how to make it better.

Have you contributed to open source projects? Written purpose-built tools that made your life easier? Show us what you're passionate about, where your curiosity lies, and how you've tried to pull things together to solve problems for yourself and others!