Systems Administrator

Israel - Tel Aviv


Israel - Tel Aviv


Information Technology

Compelled to comment when you see something wrong? Lose sleep if a system isn't set up exactly the way you want it to be set up? We are looking for a person that can bring new solutions to old problems, who understands that technology is meant to empower people. The work will be dynamic in a company that is growing. You will be part of a community which is fanatical about security and on a mission to make an impact in the global technology ecosystem.

What we bring to the table:

  • Awesome company culture

  • Dynamic people and environment

  • Focus on people experience

  • Not afraid to try things (disciplined risk taking)

  • Mindset of continuous evolution


  • Know how to tweak systems to make things run smoothly, it's your thing

  • Go crazy if you just fixed something you already fixed, in fact you don't rest until you root out the issue

  • Have managed endpoints, including Mac, Windows, Linux 

  • Understand the importance of change control, and could setup your own CMS process if needed

  • Love to keep current with the latest technologies, especially things to make your life and work easier 

  • Can install new servers and rebuild existing ones either bare metal or VMs 

  • Always patch all the things, have scripted or automated this to make your life easier

  • Can develop strong documentation around systems and processes

  • Know how to setup effective monitoring and alerting, can follow a process to address events

  • See the value in, and perform RCAs and Post-Mortem write-ups as well as debriefs for shared learning

  • Enjoy learning new applications and systems, this is fun for you 

  • Self sufficient team player with excellent communication skills

Our Ideal candidate has:

  • 2+ years installing and managing large deployments of Linux systems, including endpoints

  • 2+ years in Windows Server administration

  • 2+ years experience with data center operations 

  • 2+ years patching systems

  • Experience using scripting and shell commands

  • Working knowledge with effective monitoring and alerting implementation and practices

  • Technical certifications in: Server Administration, Endpoint Management, Networking

  • Fundamental understanding of firewall/switch/router/Wifi configuration

  • Experience deploying and managing systems in hybrid cloud environments

  • Working knowledge of Google Workspace Administration and Google Workspace products

  • Has a College or University Diploma

  • Ability to travel to other office locations domestically and international

We have ambitious goals and need people that are dynamic, desire to be part of something greater than they are, and are passionate about having secure technology. You have a chance to be part of a company that is changing how people think about IT and security. Your creativity will be highly valued and your nerdiness will seem normal. If you want a place where you can grow and make an impact, this is it.