Senior Sales Engineer

New Zealand - Remote


New Zealand - Remote


Sales & Business Development

The Security Engineer will work with the sales team in a pre-sales role to develop and position our technology and services. Working in partnership with our direct and channel sales teams to help our clients and prospects understand the benefits of Rapid7's Insight Platform and our supporting professional and Managed Services. If you are comfortable going toe-to-toe in a technical discussion with engineers and then shifting gears and having a brass-tacks business conversation with a business leader, if you understand how to deliver security operations programs, not just products this may be the opportunity for you.

 Job Responsibilities:

  • Conduct in-person and remote product demonstrations to present the technical value proposition

  • Articulate and demonstrate Rapid7's solutions, and position relative to competition.

  • In-depth knowledge of competitive products for each of Rapid7 products.

  • Possess presentation-ready knowledge and product expertise on all Rapid7's product groups, with specialized expertise in the security solutions

  • Engage with clients and prospects as the technical lead throughout the pre-sales evaluation cycle to ensure our portfolio delivers and perhaps expands on defined requirements

  • Engage with Partners in the region to provide technical training and support for partner led opportunities.

  • Technical pre-sales support for direct and channel sales teams

  • Support seminars and trade shows

  • Drive high levels of client satisfaction

  • Provide feedback on Client Feature Requests and enhancements  to improve the product relevance and maintain competitiveness

Job Requirements:

  • Technical background in Information Security. Past operational experience is welcomed.

  • Ability to relate to a wide range of technical staff and managers i.e. talk to people.

  • Excellent verbal, presentation and written communication skills.

  • Lead the technical Pre-sales cycle through to completion

  • In-depth knowledge of multiple Operating Systems

  • Identify technical requirements and success criteria, design proposed solution and secure technical win.

  • A good understanding of network topology, TCP/IP network configuration and components (firewalls, routers, etc.)

  • Prior experience in selling solutions to ASX 300 or large enterprises

  • Understanding of the sales process and the roles and responsibilities of a sales engineer 

  • Must be able to thrive in a fast paced, high stress startup environment

  • Ability to work independently, ability to adapt quickly, positive attitude

  • Present effectively in front of large groups, both technically and non-technically oriented.  Also requires ability to understand business problems of C-level executives; discuss these problems; present and prepare solutions.