Rapid7 + IntSights

Own your entire attack surface, internally and externally

Cutting Through the Noise with Internal and External Threat Intelligence

With the attack perimeter expanding to everywhere and anywhere, companies of all sizes struggle to monitor and protect against attackers. Collecting telemetry and making sense of vast amounts of data to identify true threats to your businesses is complex and time-consuming. You need more context about threats—across your internal or external attack surface—and the ability to drive proactive and automated threat mitigation.

IntSights and Rapid7 are combining external threat intelligence with community-infused threat intelligence to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and free up time to focus for security teams already stretched too thin.

We’re tackling the expanding threat landscape together, making best-in-class security accessible to all.

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IntSights Strengthens the Rapid7 Insight Platform

Rapid7 Detection and Response SVP Richard Perkett, Chief Innovation Officer Lee Weiner, and IntSights Founder and CEO Guy Nizan sit down with ESG’s Jon Oltsik to discuss the IntSights acquisition and Rapid7’s plans to strengthen the Rapid7 Insight Platform. With comprehensive, contextualized threat intelligence, customers can benefit from improved productivity and prioritization, faster threat detection, and more proactive response. Already a leader in detection and response, the acquisition of IntSights Threat Command will also improve Rapid7’s best-in-class vulnerability management and cloud and application security capabilities.

The Rapid7 Insight Platform: Bringing the Internal and External Threat Landscape Under Your Control

When battling ever-present threats, context is king. The data sprawl and complexity that comes from an expanding and unwieldy attack surface pose major challenges to SecOps teams looking to do more than respond to threats but to fully understand them. Our Insight Platform is already a powerful tool for identifying and remediating threats within your internal networks. But in today’s security world, you can’t only look inward and expect to be secure. IntSights Threat Command takes complex external signals, transforms them into contextualized intelligence, and automates proactive steps to take down the threat before it can damage your business. Integrating external threat intelligence within the Rapid7 Insight Platform will supercharge risk scoring, the threat library, and vulnerability prioritization, driving economies of scale across data, analytics, automation, and more.

IntSights and the Rapid7 Insight Platform are securing your entire threat landscape, inside and out.

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IntSights Provides Threat Intelligence for Companies of Any Size

IntSights is disrupting external threat intelligence with a combination of human and automated collection, intelligent analysis, and strategic threat hunting that turns the clear, deep, and dark webs into an intelligence resource that any company can deploy. IntSights Threat Command allows any SecOps team, regardless of size or capability maturity, to expand identification and remediation across an ever-expanding attack surface and automate threat mitigation.

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XDR: Detect Earlier, Respond Faster, and Secure Everywhere

The shift to Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a sea-change in the way companies manage threat detection and response. XDR collects, correlates, and analyzes disparate data from across the digital estate, detecting threats and leveraging automation to speed response. It turns weak signals into strong evidence of malicious activity through contextualized intelligence and multiple detection techniques and automation to simplify workflows.

Rapid7 already provides best-in-class threat detection and remediation at the speed and scale your business needs. Together, Rapid7 and IntSights will provide even more accurate detections across internal and external surfaces earlier, so you can respond faster.

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The Evolution of Threat Intelligence

Understanding how attackers see our organizations and information is one of the most valuable tools in the SecOps toolbox, but the complexity of gathering and analyzing this data keeps leveraging threat intelligence out of reach for many teams. In this video, ESG Senior Principal Analyst Jon Oltsik talks with leaders from Rapid7 and IntSights to break down the evolution and current state of threat intelligence and share how teams can use it effectively to stay ahead of attackers.