It was XDR before XDR was even a thing

SOC Modernization and the Role of XDR

As organizations are exposed to more threats, XDR momentum continues to build. Get the latest trends and intelligence from ESG analysts, Jon Oltsik and Dave Gruber, who surveyed IT and security professionals involved in cybersecurity technology and processes.

  • IT pros want more varied data, high-fidelity detections
  • Investments in automation are paying off
  • After honest assessments, orgs of all sizes and security maturity are filling gaps with MDR, creating hybrid models

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Rapid7’s XDR primer: Six years in six minutes

According to Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) only 24% of security professionals say they’re “very familiar” with XDR.

This is for the other 76% of you out there who still have questions. Learn more about:

  • The fundamentals of XDR
  • Benefits teams can expect from this technology
  • Purchase criteria and considerations

Learn the basics

InsightIDR: The origin story

An origin story explains who you are and why. Spiderman has one. We all do.

Rapid7 began building InsightIDR in 2013, the year of Yahoo’s epic data breach of 3 billion users. Back then, security professionals simply wanted data. If somebody could just ingest it all and send it, they’d take it from there. So the market focused on vast quantities of data — data first, mostly useless.

We went a different way: detections first. InsightIDR customers have been achieving XDR outcomes, and here’s the story.

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Where XDR’s evolution is taking us

Rapid7’s VP of Detection and Response, Sam Adams, recently sat down with Forrester analyst Allie Mellen to ‘demystify’ XDR. Mellen’s research focuses on the current state and evolution of analytics, detection, automation, and response in security.

During this discussion, they explore:

  • How XDR fits in the broader security stack
  • Market dynamics driving the evolution of XDR
  • Insight into benefits of XDR and practical applications

You can preview their discussion here. If you’d like to access the entire recording, follow the button below.

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Watch XDR Change This Guy’s Day

Ok, he’s not real — but his problems sure are. This CISO and his security team have a level of work stress that you know well. He multitasks, which is not really a thing, it’s just a nice word everyone uses for a terrible lack of time and focus.

  • See his fantastical journey
  • Help stop two attacks with a fast quiz (got 30 seconds for a challenge?)
  • Find links that answer your XDR questions
  • Watch the XDR explainer video (just over 60 seconds, because we get it)

Let's Go

Got a Minute? Watch SIEM & XDR Explained

You’ll learn about things your SOC can say goodbye to, like alert fatigue, tedious tasks, chronic stress, staff burnout, and 60-hour work weeks.

You’ll also see how you can say hello to a lot of really good things. InsightIDR simplifies SecOps, elevates outcomes, and lets you change your job without changing jobs.

You can go anywhere for XDR hype these days. And one place for years of experience.

Yes, it’s all the buzz and it’s the future. But it’s also about six years old and proven. Quite a few Rapid7 customers are already achieving Extended Detection and Response (XDR) outcomes — and have been — with InsightIDR.

If you're ready to explore XDR, here’s a guide that will help you understand the benefits and the very practical questions you should ask. Read it today to learn:

  • All about the solutions that work together to make XDR achievable
  • Four key benefits XDR can bring to your security program
  • How to determine if XDR is the right approach for your business

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