Last updated at Tue, 26 Dec 2023 21:08:48 GMT

When we talk to customers about the Insight Platform and how to best support their evolving needs, they're often not asking for another product, but rather a capability that enhances a current experience. Our customers have the core ingredients of a robust security program, but as their attack surfaces endlessly sprawl, they're looking for ways to double down on the efficiency and streamlining of security operations they're already experiencing from the platform today. Efficiency and streamlined operations are 2 areas where our team will continue to focus efforts in order to deliver value across Rapid7’s growing best-in-class portfolio, while enabling cross-capability experiences that improve security-team effectiveness.

Responding to emerging threats and vulnerabilities: Alerts are not enough

One of Rapid7’s greatest strengths is the fact that we have market-leading products in detection and response, cloud security, and vulnerability management. As we increasingly see customers leveraging our products, there are many similar expectations from those user bases. One that stands out is the expectation/demand that Rapid7 quickly respond to emerging threats and new vulnerabilities in a way that provides actionable context. We refer to this program as Emergent Threat Response. We spend a lot of time on this today, though we need to do more here for our customers to help them combat emerging threats. We're often addressing and detailing out what we know and what we’re doing about high-profile threats (e.g. SolarWinds SUNBURST, Microsoft Exchange Zero-Day), and while our customers have responded very positively to this type of outreach, they have also asked for more of it!

We have a unique opportunity with customers to enable a 2-way conversation. Our customers need to improve signal-to-noise, and our Emergent Threat Response approach does help to accomplish that. We can do a lot more though, and with more intelligence on the internal and external threat landscape we can offer more context and treat more threats with Emergent Threat Response. We're constantly obsessing over improving signal-to-noise, so we're careful to pick our spots. However, while an emerging threat may only impact a very small percentage of machines across our customer base, impacted customers may categorize those machines as high-value assets. Customers may also have a lot of interest in a specific threat group and are eager to learn more about them and the detections we have available for their known techniques. In both of these use cases — whether we're pushing our intelligence or allowing customers to pull it — we can maintain our high standards for signal-to-noise as long as we're always prioritizing relevancy.

The Insight Platform + IntSights: Enriching alerts and driving contextualized intelligence

When customers are battling emergent threats, core alerts and vulnerability information is important; but our customers are increasingly looking to understand more about adversary groups, tactics and techniques, and why they were targeted. Today we have a very comprehensive view of our customers’ internal networks. This is incredibly helpful to power every product we provide, but investing in more scalable ways to connect this internal profile to an external view of the world increases our ability to deliver timely, relevant, and actionable intelligence. With IntSights joining the Rapid7 family, this aspiration has become a reality. Beyond the Emergent Threat Response use case we drilled into here, the platform will leverage IntSights’ contextualized external threat intelligence to power and strengthen our threat library, risk scoring, and vulnerability prioritization. We believe we can add/enhance capabilities across the portfolio to not only help our customers solve the security concerns of today, but also take a proactive approach to defend against the security concerns of tomorrow.