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Rapid7: Powering the Practice of SecOps

Rapid7’s mission is to lead the emerging SecOps movement with our multi-product analytics and automation cloud and expertise.


We believe in:



We believe it is possible to innovate and push the boundaries of progress while keeping data and assets secure. We will innovate and disrupt the status quo so you can innovate securely.



We believe that the emerging SecOps movement will transform systems design to make good security a core design principle. We will provide the visibility, analytics, and automation needed to succeed.



We believe secure and reliable innovation requires governments, researchers, and practitioners to collaborate, share knowledge, and educate each other. We will lead in this effort.



We believe that all businesses should have access to great security software and services.  We deliver solutions powerful and scalable enough for the largest organizations, but simple and accessible enough for organizations of every size and maturity.

What is SecOps?

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How we power SecOps

Our security analytics and automation cloud, Rapid7 Insight, along with our unmatched industry expertise, serve as the nexus for SecOps teams driving secure innovation. Rapid7 delivers the visibility, analytics, and automation needed to monitor, investigate, and resolve the vulnerabilities, threats, and performance issues that put organizations at risk. By automating routine tasks and providing deep intelligence, we amplify productivity and free people to innovate, advance, and transform our world.

Our technology, services, and research drive vulnerability management, application security, incident detection and response, and log management for more than 7,400 organizations across 120 countries, including 52% of the Fortune 100. 


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of the Fortune 100


So, how did we get our name?

When the Company first launched, it was based in Midtown, New York. Our founders, Alan, Tas, and Chad, traveled daily into the city on New York’s Rapid Transit system’s "Rapid7" train (you might notice our logo looks a bit like a bullet-train). With much of the planning and development for the Company discussed on that commute, it seemed only right to name the Company Rapid7. Today, the name embodies our commitment to rapidly responding to our customers’ needs, their evolving IT environments, and the emerging threats they face, so we can help them keep moving forward.

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