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Lower the barrier to hunting

Threat hunting is time consuming and takes a high skill set. And today, it feels like new vulnerabilities or attacks are dropping constantly, making prioritization a challenge (to say the least). Automate threat hunting processes around identifying suspicious malware, domain, and other indicators, lowering the barrier to hunting and freeing up your team to tackle critical challenges. You'll move beyond alert fatigue to respond to threats before the moment of impact.

Continuous monitoring

Instead of the cyclical pileup of new security events, schedule actions to handle routine issues. Quick patches or routine password updates typically require little follow-up. Dictate tasks to be handled automatically with InsightConnect, setting decision points to ensure you're always in the loop.

Automate Repeatable Tasks

By automating the ongoing tasks associated with threat hunting, your team will have more time to do what they do best: finding and thwarting the bad guys. Bring team members into this process strategically for maximum efficiency.

Notify and respond faster

Kick off designated response workflows based on the type of threat you've discovered. That will ensure the proper stakeholders are notified as quickly as possible, and that everyone is working from the same set of data for a complete end-to-end investigation.

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