Accelerate Incident Response

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Accelerate Incident Response

Incident response can be time consuming. If you’re suffering from alert fatigue, you understand. New exploits are happening constantly. This makes keeping up a major challenge. Automate responses to the detection of suspect emails, user behaviors, attacker activity, and more. This frees your team to tackle more challenging security issues.

Accelerate Incident Response

Timely Incident Response

Instead of getting buried under alerts, deploy workflows to automatically handle repetitive responses. Routine password resets, system scans, quarantines, user queries, and others should require limited security-staff involvement. Define incident response tasks to be handled automatically with InsightConnect, setting decision points where needed to ensure your analysts are always in the loop.

Automate Repeatable Tasks

By automating the ongoing tasks associated with threat hunting, your team will have more time to do what they do best: finding and thwarting the bad guys. Bring team members into this process strategically for maximum efficiency.

Notify and respond faster

Kick off designated response workflows based on the type of threat you've discovered. That will ensure the proper stakeholders are notified as quickly as possible, and that everyone is working from the same set of data for a complete end-to-end investigation.