Visibility + Accessibility with Rapid7 Leads to Efficiency, Confidence

About Camden National Bank

Keith Gosselin is the Vice-President of Information and Cybersecurity at Camden National Bank. Founded in 1875 and headquartered in Camden, ME, the bank has 61 branches and is the largest in the state of Maine. Gosselin manages a team of five people. Their goal is to ensure that the bank stays in compliance with all pertinent regulations, as well as secure in the face of an ever-growing threat landscape. His direct reports live within Rapid7’s InsightConnect (ICON) and MDR platforms day in and day out, and they consider Rapid7 an integral part of their security team and apparatus.


Camden Bank wasn’t happy with their previous cybersecurity-as-a-service provider. They felt they had outgrown the platform, and they needed – at a minimum – a more dedicated, reliable, round-the-clock managed detection and response solution. After reviewing eight options over the course of a year, Rapid7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service was the only platform that fit the bill. Rapid7 MDR checked all of their boxes: immediate notification of incidents, long-term storage of logs, immediate user and asset containment through Active Response, thorough communication, and, of course, an enticing price point. If that wasn’t enough, their experience with Rapid7’s sales team during the evaluation process sealed the deal.

Rapid7 just has great people, first and foremost. At the end of the day, the technology is really important, and the solution is great, but when you’re dealing with good people, it makes your work a lot more enjoyable and a lot easier.
- Keith Gosselin, Vice-President of Information and Cybersecurity

Key Differentiators & Huge Wins

When asked about the features and services Camden Bank enjoys most, Gosselin only had good things to say about Rapid7’s MDR. When they need someone from the Rapid7 SOC, Gosselin can be in touch with someone who knows their environment in an instant --"I’ve never felt like there wasn’t the ability to reach out to someone. It’s a great working relationship.”

According to Gosselin, better visibility has led to more efficiency. Quarantining a device can happen immediately and much more effectively than before with Active Response powered by InsightConnect, which enables Rapid7 SOC analysts to respond to threats in Camden Bank’s environment within minutes by containing endpoints and/or users on their behalf . Whereas in the past, they might have to re-image an inordinate amount of workstations “just to be safe,” Rapid7 provides the data to be much more confident and judicious in making such decisions.

Gosselin pointed to frustrations with his email security platform to illustrate other reasons why enhanced visibility was essential to their success, explaining that while it gets the job done,you have to customize it to do what you want it to do. But in his estimation, the visibility within those reports – even something as simple as seeing who is receiving emails with malware-infested attachments – leaves much to be desired.

“We know (this other solution) is blocking anywhere from 50 to 150 on a monthly basis. But I can’t just pull a report that shows me who got those or from where! In contrast, inside of Rapid7’s InsightConnect, I can see that,” he shared. “I can go right to the widget that we’ve built, and I can see exactly who received emails with malware-infested attachments.”

Gosselin’s Advice to His Peers: Embrace Your New Teammates 

When asked what guidance he would give to a fellow VP of information and cybersecurity who is just getting started with Rapid7, Gosselin didn’t hesitate to advise them to lean on Rapid7’s people.

“Rapid7 just has great people, first and foremost. At the end of the day, the technology is really important, and the solution is great, but when you’re dealing with good people, it makes your work a lot more enjoyable and a lot easier,” he confided. 

“Because you’re not necessarily just talking to colleagues – if I pick up the phone and I call up my client success manager, I know that I can rely on her to help us move things along.” According to Gosselin, his team may have had a few bumps in the road when they first signed on with Rapid7, but they got through it thanks to the positivity and open communication of Rapid7’s team members. “That connection, that care, that openness, is so important to me.”

The Deeper You Dive, the More You’ll Find

Gosselin also recommended that anyone new to Rapid7 peruse all their offerings and keep an eye out for new features and capabilities. “They’re always expanding their features,” he explained. “There’s so much data in there. I think we’re likely only using 25%-30% of what’s available to us but things are already running so smoothly. We’re already so comfortable with our security posture.  I hope to get to 80% or 90% someday – and I expect that we will. But it speaks to all of the capacity therein. It’s huge.”