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6 min Career Development

A Look Into Remote Onboarding at Rapid7

Onboarding commences and you learn all about your new company and role through group exercises, guest speakers, and a free lunch from the nearby cafe that you're likely to frequent regularly.

3 min Cloud Security

How to Address the Current Complexity and Chaos of Cloud IAM

Can security teams ever truly understand their cloud permissions? As DevSecOps grows ever further into the cloud, more people have the ability to provision cloud resources independently, without involving IT.

2 min Incident Response

Rapid7’s Response to Codecov Incident

Cybersecurity is Rapid7’s top priority, and when there is an incident that may pose a risk to our customers, we are transparent about it. We also believe that providing this level of transparency ultimately helps the security community better address potential pending threats and safeguard themselves from future attacks. With this in mind, we want to share an update concerning the security incident disclosed by Codecov and its potential impact on our company and customers, and how we managed the

2 min Security Nation

[Security Nation] Megan Stifel and Ciaran Martin discuss the sticky issue of ransomware payments

In this episode of Security Nation, we discuss ransomware payments with Ciaran Martin of Oxford University and Megan Stifel of the Cyber Global Alliance.

4 min CISOs

How ViacomCBS Digital delivers uninterrupted content streaming to millions of fans without compromising security: Lessons for enterprise CISOs

Each day, ViacomCBS Digital sees a growing surge in digital content demand—from MTV and Comedy Central to CBS Sports, rushing across its Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access) streaming platform.

5 min DevOps

The Evolution of DevOps in 2021

DevOps has long been a key tool in helping organizations reliably and rapidly deliver systems into production.

3 min Kubernetes

Kubernetes Security Is Not Container Security

I recently had an interesting discussion with Gianluca Brindisi from Spotify about the differences between Kubernetes security and container security.

5 min Kubernetes

Securing Kubernetes Deployments From Runway to Takeoff

Kubernetes use is rising rapidly—according to a 2019 Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) survey, 78% of respondents say they use Kubernetes today (58% more respondents than the previous year).

6 min Career Development

Grow, Develop, and Impact More Than Just Your Career: Software Engineering at Rapid7 Belfast

As an employee-first organization, Rapid7 does its best to support, encourage, and provide resources to employees to ensure they are able to continue progressing in their careers and feel adequately supported in doing so.

1 min

[Security Nation] Marina Ciavatta and int eighty Put the Fun into Hacking With Hacking Esports and Dual Core Music

In this episode of Security Nation, we are joined by Marina Ciavatta and int eighty to talk about Hacking ESports, their "quarantine project that got out of control."

0 min Security Nation

How Philip Reiner Created the Ransomware Task Force

In our latest episode of Security Nation, we talk to Philip Reiner about his work with the Ransomware Task Force.

3 min Application Security

What’s New in InsightAppSec and tCell: Q1 2021 in Review

Rapid7 will continue to support customers through every challenge, with new updates and avenues to help you get the most out of your application security program.

0 min Security Nation

[Security Nation] Beau Woods and Fotios Chantzis Discuss Their New Book, "Practical IoT Hacking"

In our latest episode of Security Nation, we speak with Beau Woods and Fotios Chantzis about their newly released book, "Practical IoT Hacking."

1 min Security Nation

[Security Nation] Nontraditional Paths into Cybersecurity, Part 3: Starburst Data's Katie Ledoux

In our latest episode of Security Nation, we talk with Katie Ledoux about her unconventional journey into the cybersecurity industry.

1 min Security Nation

[Security Nation] The CyberPeace Institute's Adrien Ogee Talks Launching a Nonprofit Amid COVID-19 and the Importance of Healthcare Security

In this week's episode of Security Nation, we interview Adrien Ogee, COO of the CyberPeace Institute.