Last updated at Wed, 26 Jul 2017 13:29:29 GMT

On the homepage of the 5th Annual Security Confab, a sort of mission statement for the event is provided with a simple explanation of the meaning of the word “confab”:

CONFAB [kuhn-fab]  -noun

1. a gathering to talk informally; converse; chat

I think this is important. The event's main theme is “The Evolving Threat Landscape” and at Rapid7 we're pretty vocal about how important we think collaboration is in addressing this, so it's good to see and attend events that aim to create an opportunity for people in different areas of the security industry to share their unique points of view and ideas on how to tackle the challenges we face in a more informal and collaborative way.

I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to talk informally with my peers and those operating in the security trenches. I'm sure I'm going to gain some great insight from a range of different perspectives across the industry and hopefully people will find some value in my own insights, which I'll be sharing both in conversation and through my presentation on “Testing Security Controls Before Hackers Do”.

The basic gist of what I'll be talking about is that although investments in security can reduce the likelihood of breach, sophisticated attackers can always find a way. In this threat environment, organizations must be prepared to not only prevent and detect attacks, but to also have robust security response protocols. These protocols must be tested, refined, and maintained in order to be effective.

I'll be aiming to provide some helpful tips on techniques and approaches for testing and refining security responses. If that sounds of interest and you're attending the event, my session is at 2pm today.  If you can't catch it, maybe I'll see you at one of the networking events for more of a general confab…

For those that aren't attending but do agree that collaboration is key to addressing the changing threat landscape, you may beinterested in the UNITED Security Summit, taking place in San Francisco, CA on September 19th-20th. There's lots of information on the theme, speakers and agenda available here.

You can get more information on this week'sevent: The Security Confab here, and there will be more info coming soon on other events Rapid7 is attending this summer, so watch this space!