Last updated at Tue, 11 Apr 2023 20:21:51 GMT

Ask three different security teams what is holding them back from faster time-to-response and chances are you’ll get three different answers:

  1. Manual, time-intensive processes
  2. Lack of integrated tools
  3. Lack of development resources

All of these problems exist across both big and small companies in any industry, from healthcare to finance to e-commerce. But in a digital world where attacks are both prevalent and pervasive, defenders always need to be a step (if not two) ahead.

This is where security automation comes in. Security automation streamlines repetitive, manual, tasks into cohesive and automated workflows, enabling faster time-to-response.

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When your security operations center (SOC) or security team is less focused on mundane, time-intensive tasks, they can shift their priorities to more strategic and impactful work, like conducting deeper investigations and responding to threats. And amongst many other benefits, security automation helps to minimize alert fatigue and improves employee morale (in turn reducing employee turnover).

So, to help make your team successful with security automation, we developed an eBook on best practices, which includes:

  • How to setup your organization for success (the tools and processes you need for automation)
  • Criteria for building or buying a security automation capability (budget and time vs. speed)
  • When to bring automation in for maximum effectiveness (timing is everything)
  • Which processes to automate (and how)

We also developed a printable worksheet at the end of the eBook that you and your team can use to determine if a process is a good candidate for automation.

Using this eBook as your guide, your team will be able to better implement security automation, knowing when the time is right and how to do it. With this, it will be much easier to get security tasks done faster, leaving more time to work on strategic tasks, which makes your employees happier and your organization more secure.

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