Last updated at Thu, 28 Dec 2023 21:25:05 GMT

Last month, we were thrilled to announce our integration with AWS Security Hub at AWS re:Invent. Many organizations today are operating in hybrid environments, which requires both security and DevOps teams to gain visibility into AWS and third-party applications to keep their environments protected from exploitable vulnerabilities. Our integration with the AWS Security Hub gives teams a central view of their vulnerabilities so they can get the visibility they need to take action faster.

In this post, we will cover how this integration benefits DevOps and security teams and enables faster vulnerability management within AWS environments.

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AWS Security Hub + InsightVM = A match made in the cloud

Imagine that the moment a vulnerability is detected in your EC2 instances, you gain real-time insight into the findings, including the context you need to take action. This is exactly what InsightVM provides inside the AWS Security Hub. InsightVM utilizes the power of the Rapid7 Insight platform to provide visibility across your AWS ecosystem, prioritize risk using attacker behavior analytics, and remediate or contain threats with SecOps agility. With AWS Security Hub, DevOps teams can gain visibility into cloud asset vulnerability risk, and security teams can centralize AWS security data from multiple different vendors in one single dashboard.

The very nature of how the cloud operates means DevOps teams that manage a company’s AWS environment have a responsibility in security. And in the cloud, security is just as important—if not more so—than with traditional networks. This means that DevOps teams need easy-to-use security tools to manage cloud deployments and keep tabs on vulnerabilities. With our AWS Security Hub integration, DevOps teams don’t need to learn yet another tool because they can manage vulnerabilities right from the hub, and security teams can feel at ease that they can still maintain full control of InsightVM.

With InsightVM now integrated with AWS Security Hub, DevOps teams can easily see when vulnerabilities crop up and have the context they need to take action. This enables them to uphold their security responsibility, thus making their relationship with their security counterparts more collaborative and productive.

How it works

Inside your AWS security hub, you can view the top insights from InsightVM in a single dashboard. Packed with context—such as the who, what, when, and where of the event—you can begin investigating right away from the dashboard without flipping back and forth between other applications and screens.

You can click on any vulnerability notification for more details on the finding so you know exactly how to respond.

With a prioritized list of vulnerabilities to address, there’s no question which ones are critical and which can wait. Considering vulnerabilities can be exploited in a matter of minutes or hours these days, this can mean the difference between remaining secure and having a data breach on your hands.

InsightVM gives companies the flexibility to figure out their setup in a number of ways. For example, since DevOps teams are accustomed to living in AWS but not in a security tool such as InsightVM, this integration allows them to access all of the data right from the Security Hub without needing to log in to InsightVM.

Enabling SecOps: A true security and DevOps solution

Our partnership with the AWS Security Hub means vulnerabilities can be managed at SecOps speed. Vulnerabilities have historically been owned by the security team, but now they can be owned by both security and DevOps teams to support today’s growing and sprawling hybrid environments that require a joint effort to effectively manage.

Existing InsightVM customers can log into their AWS Security Hub dashboard to add InsightVM and get started right away.

Preview the AWS Security Hub integration in InsightVM with a free 30-day trial.

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