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For many security teams, vulnerability risk management can feel like an endless climb. The truth is, no IT environment will ever be fully free of cyber-risk. That said, there are simple, attainable steps you can take right away to achieve an acceptable level of risk for your organization with the resources you already have. In this post, we’ll cover how InsightVM, our vulnerability risk management solution, helps teams tackle common operational challenges, maximize limited resources, and prove the value and ROI of their efforts to executive stakeholders.

Overwhelmed by mountains of data?

Identify the right metrics for measuring your program effectiveness.

We solve for this common challenge with InsightVM capabilities that can help you focus on what matters most:

  • Live Dashboards in InsightVM are real-time, interactive, and customizable so you can visualize and prioritize your most critical data.
  • Query Builder lets you query assets, vulnerabilities, and solutions using an intuitive GUI so you can slice and dice data without relying solely on complex query languages.
  • Real Risk scoring in InsightVM helps you more effectively prioritize the risk in your environment by factoring more than just traditional CVSS—it takes into account business criticality, exploit kit availability in Metasploit, and more.

“CVSS scores were a problem because they’re static. The InsightVM Real Risk scoring really has allowed me to prioritize for what matters to our specific business." - Information Security Manager, Financial Services Industry

According to a recent Forrester study on the Total Economic Impact of InsightVM, customers who switched from a competitive vulnerability management solution to InsightVM saw a 33% reduction in investigations on average.

Too much time spent trekking through workflows?

Understand if your current approach and technology support program goals.

InsightVM can help you track the goals and service-level agreements (SLAs) you and your team are accountable to by:

  • Eliminating tedious email tag with IT and operations teams with Remediation Projects. Remediation Projects let you track the progress of your remediation tasks as they happen, so you can get ahead of potential delays and realign resources if needed.
  • Automating patching and containment workflows that comprise common, repeatable activities. This way, you can stop worrying about mundane tasks and start investing in your greater vulnerability management strategy.
  • Maximizing impact with solution-based remediation that identifies individual steps that can reduce the most risk, such as the implementation of a single patch that fixes dozens of vulnerabilities.

“InsightVM really reduces the amount of work that my team has to do. Now the platform is mostly self-service, giving infosec hours back that we can apply elsewhere.” —Director of Information Security, Healthcare Industry

Forrester Consulting revealed that customers switching to InsightVM experienced a 60% decrease in patching efforts. InsightVM is here to give you time back and help you automate remediation steps tailored to the ideal conditions for your organization.

Conflicted on the right path for your vulnerability management program?

Pinpoint the data you need to make informed and impactful decisions.

Tired of worrying whether you have the right information to pick the proper path for your program? We get it—it can be tricky to navigate, but once you’ve nailed down the strategy, you can start to evaluate whether your technological capabilities support your overall approach.

With InsightVM, you’ll be able to:

  • Dive deep or get a bird’s-eye view with Live Dashboards and see all the information you need in one place. Live Dashboards update in real time as the product collects data from scans, agent data, and discovery connections.
  • Enhance the accuracy of your vulnerability detection. Customers have experienced a 22% reduction in false positive alerts when switching over from a competitor to InsightVM, according to Forrester Consulting

“With Rapid7 Live Dashboards, I have a clear view of what I need to do in order to reduce the risk in my environment in real-time.” —Scott Cheney, Information Security Officer at Sierra View Medical Center

Your choice of vulnerability risk management solution can set you up for success or failure. Get a sneak peak on why we believe Rapid7 InsightVM is a great place to start with the InsightVM product demo.

Need help translating security risk into business risk?

Prove value and ROI with business-contextualized results for leadership.

It’s one thing to reduce risk, but it’s another to show your non-technical stakeholders and budget holders why exactly that’s important.

  • Tailor your reports for executive audiences.  InsightVM helps you tell a risk reduction story all from one place, whether it be how to remediate critical issues or simply illustrating the business impact of vulnerability management  in a more digestible manner.
  • Ensure that you're making (and tracking) progress toward your goals and service-level agreements (SLAs) at an appropriate pace, and maintaining compliance with the standards you've set for your program. InsightVM is the only VRM solution to provide this capability.

“The biggest problem in security is about telling the story of the issue, what it means to the business, and how to remediate it. With InsightVM, I can tell a huge part of the story from one place.” —Information Security Manager, Financial Services Industry

Forrester's study on the Total Economic Impact of InsightVM found that customers who switch can save 40%–50% of time spent on reporting. We can show you how to align your security goals to those of other functional teams while also showing examples of security metrics that clearly tie back to the business.

Visit our InsightVM demo page and join our experts as they walk you through our Live Dashboards, Remediation Projects, and Goals and SLAs capabilities. From streamlining and automating tedious processes to tracking and communicating progress with metrics understood by both non-technical leadership and end users, InsightVM can get your vulnerability management program operating at peak performance. Learn how today.


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