Last updated at Thu, 18 May 2023 16:38:40 GMT

CVE-2023-27350 is an unauthenticated remote code execution vulnerability in PaperCut MF/NG print management software that allows attackers to bypass authentication and execute arbitrary code as SYSTEM on vulnerable targets.

A patch is available for this vulnerability and should be applied on an emergency basis.


The vulnerability was published in March 2023 and is being broadly exploited in the wild by a wide range of threat actors, including multiple APTs and ransomware groups like Cl0p and LockBit. Several other security firms and news outlets have already published articles on threat actors’ use of CVE-2023-27350, including Microsoft’s threat intelligence team, who is tracking exploitation by multiple Iranian state-sponsored threat actors.

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the FBI released a joint alert on May 11, 2023 warning that CVE-2023-27350 had been exploited since at least mid-April and was being used in ongoing Bl00dy ransomware attacks targeting “the Education Facilities Subsector.” Their alert includes indicators of compromise (IOCs) and reinforces the need for immediate patching.

Internet-exposed attack surface area for CVE-2023-27350 appears to be modest, with under 2,000 vulnerable instances of PaperCut identified as of April 2023. However, the company claims to have more than 100 million users, which is a strong motivator for a wide range of threat actors.

Affected Products

According to the vendor’s advisory, CVE-2023-27350 affects PaperCut MF or NG 8.0 and later across all platforms. This includes the following versions:

  • 8.0.0 to 19.2.7 (inclusive)
  • 20.0.0 to 20.1.6 (inclusive)
  • 21.0.0 to 21.2.10 (inclusive)
  • 22.0.0 to 22.0.8 (inclusive)

PaperCut has an FAQ available for customers at the end of their advisory. Note that updating to a fixed version of PaperCut resolves both CVE-2023-27350 and CVE-2023-27351.

Rapid7 Customers

The following product coverage is available to Rapid7 customers:

InsightVM and Nexpose

An authenticated check for CVE-2023-27350 on Windows and MacOS systems is available to Nexpose and InsightVM customers as of April 28, 2023. A remote, unauthenticated check for PaperCut MF is available in the May 17 content-only release.

InsightIDR and Managed Detection and Response

The following rule has been added for Rapid7 InsightIDR and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) customers and will fire on known malicious behavior stemming from PaperCut exploitation:

  • Suspicious Process - PaperCut Process Spawning Powershell or CMD