Last updated at Thu, 16 May 2024 17:55:34 GMT

The Rapid7 Take Command Summit is just two short weeks away. We’re busy putting together one of the most impactful programs on the latest in cybersecurity trends, technology, and innovations available, and we are eager to share it with all of you.

So eager, in fact, that Chairman and CEO of Rapid7, Corey Thomas, has a special message to share.

You can view the message (and register for the event) here.

The Take Command Summit is a chance to hear from industry leaders on up-to-the minute security research, trends, and intelligence; from ransomware and state-sponsored threats, to the marquee vulnerabilities making headlines around the globe.

At Take Command you will receive a glimpse into our elite security operations center (SOC); and understand the best ways to show your organization’s leadership how a robust security operation can actually improve your ROI. We will share our approach to building a world-class SOC with partners who truly understand your needs and what makes your security operations unique.

All of this is in service of what we call commanding the attack surface. It’s best expressed in our effort to anticipate, pinpoint, and act on imminent and active threats across your entire security ecosystem and foster a cultural shift that empowers every member of your organization to help keep your networks secure.

We think this is a critical conversation at a critical moment. We hope to see you there.