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Cisco Prime Infrastructure Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution

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Cisco Prime Infrastructure Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution



Cisco Prime Infrastructure (CPI) contains two basic flaws that when exploited allow an unauthenticated attacker to achieve remote code execution. The first flaw is a file upload vulnerability that allows the attacker to upload and execute files as the Apache Tomcat user; the second is a privilege escalation to root by bypassing execution restrictions in a SUID binary. This module exploits these vulnerabilities to achieve unauthenticated remote code execution as root on the CPI default installation. This module has been tested with CPI and Earlier and later versions might also be affected, although is the latest at the time of writing. The file upload vulnerability should have been fixed in versions 3.4.1 and 3.3.1 Update 02.


  • Pedro Ribeiro <pedrib@gmail.com>




x86, x64


Module Options

To display the available options, load the module within the Metasploit console and run the commands 'show options' or 'show advanced':

msf > use exploit/linux/http/cisco_prime_inf_rce
msf exploit(cisco_prime_inf_rce) > show targets
msf exploit(cisco_prime_inf_rce) > set TARGET < target-id >
msf exploit(cisco_prime_inf_rce) > show options
    ...show and set options...
msf exploit(cisco_prime_inf_rce) > exploit

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– Jim O’Gorman | President, Offensive Security