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Microsoft ADV180005: Document signing deprecation in XPS Viewer

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Microsoft ADV180005: Document signing deprecation in XPS Viewer



Microsoft has deprecated the Document Signing functionality in XPS Viewer. This functionality relied upon the SHA-1 algorithm and is part of our overall effort to remove this algorithm from our products. This change impacts XPS Viewer on all supported versions of Windows. FAQ 1. I need to use this deprecated functionality. Is there a way to enable it? Yes. Please create the following registry entry: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\XPSViewer] "EnableDigitalSignatures"=dword:00000001 2. What risks am I accepting by using SHA-1 based document signing? SHA-1 is a legacy cryptographic hash that many in the security community believe is no longer secure. Using the SHA-1 hashing algorithm in document signing could allow an attacker to spoof content, perform phishing attacks, or otherwise manipulate content of a document. Microsoft, in collaboration with other members of the industry, is working to phase out the SHA-1 algorithm and to warn consumers of the possible risk when they encounter websites using the SHA-1 algorithm.


  • msft-kb4074588-11adea10-0701-430e-954f-9471595ae246
  • msft-kb4074588-9fc64b01-2edc-40c8-bf0d-ee3540c741f8
  • msft-kb4074588-aa46db4d-865e-48e7-9fe8-3ffedda76530
  • msft-kb4074589-0988c161-fcc9-4a26-8f86-fe981b5e3a64
  • msft-kb4074589-0f25d490-4286-470c-8d1d-6a9ad4106b42
  • msft-kb4074589-91ffcd5b-5628-49af-92f5-ed9babfde70d
  • msft-kb4074591-041d42cd-eb65-4d43-a835-f5d2f502cc2d
  • msft-kb4074591-fa465771-aa6c-4594-9759-1bfb7eeab6b3
  • msft-kb4074596-79ac13e4-3a09-40b9-9c96-be5ae591b174
  • msft-kb4074596-a5382994-9de3-4a69-ab0e-0ec90626f58a
  • msft-kb4074597-e23ec185-3ead-4c5c-bd1e-a9058cc7c06b
  • msft-kb4074597-ef515c36-d5d5-4d6d-8413-fdced1c51834
  • msft-kb4074597-f5df629a-edb7-49f1-946d-18e4f0a860f0

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