Rapid7 and Honeywell

CISOs, security teams, and IT staff face an uphill battle when it comes to detecting, preventing, and responding to frequent and sophisticated cyber threats in Operational Technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) environments. So, Rapid7 and Honeywell have partnered to provide SecOps, IT, and OT teams a unified approach to IT/OT visibility, protection, and threat detection.

Secure your OT and IoT devices with complete asset visibility, risk reduction and compliance, and detection and response capabilities.


Rapid7 Product Integrations

InsightVM by Rapid7 and Honeywell

Integrating the Honeywell Platform with InsightVM extends your vulnerability management team’s visibility into the OT/IoT networks. It enables risk and threat information exchange between the products to improve your organization’s security posture. InsightVM + Honeywell users can:

Receive enriched OT/IoT asset details into InsightVM, including device types, manufacturers, IP addresses, software/firmware versions.

View OT/IoT alerts in real time, and receive asset exposure details in InsightVM

Reduce asset coverage blindspots through network segmentation and agent deployment

Create a unified vulnerability management dashboard that spans your entire environment.

Integration Resources

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InsightIDR by Rapid7 and Honeywell

Cyber attackers are more relentless than ever in exploiting vulnerabilities in industrial and critical infrastructure. In this ever-evolving and expanding threat landscape, detection and response teams need to employ better security weapons to defend their OT networks. InsightIDR + Honeywell users can:

Create a centralized view IoT/OT detections

Accelerate the detection and alerting of critical events across machines and networks

Automate the management and response to behavioral indicators of compromise

Integration Resources

Honeywell event source for InsightIDR
How Honeywell Detects Triton Based On The MITRE ATT&CK Framework

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