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Metasploit product brief

Metasploit Product Brief: Put Your Defenses to the Test

Knowing the adversary’s moves helps you better prepare your defenses. Metasploit, backed by a community of 200,000 users and contributors, gives you that insight. It’s the most impactful penetration testing solution on the planet. With it, uncover weaknesses in your defenses, focus on the highest risks, and improve your security outcomes.

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What is penetration testing


What Is Penetration Testing? An Introduction for IT Managers

A penetration test is often a key requirement for compliance with key regulations. But while many organizations know they need penetration testing, it can be hard to know how to fit them in to a larger security program, or even how to get started.

Our white paper, "What Is Penetration Testing? An Introduction for IT Managers," is a clear and succinct introduction to the core principles and best practices of penetration testing.

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Wiltshire Council case study

Customer Story: Rapid7 Nexpose and Metasploit "Make Life Easier" at Wiltshire Council

As one of more than 5,000 employees, Steve’s role includes the management of Wiltshire residents’ personal information. He says, “In my role I have a duty to protect this information as well as providing support, maintenance, and strategic advice to more than 350 diverse services. It is vital therefore that the IT service provided is both efficient and effective.” Using Rapid7 Nexpose and Metasploit helps him deliver what’s needed.

What is penetration testing infographic

Infographic: What Is Penetration Testing?

New to the concept of penetration testing? Check out this simple infographic to learn why it's important, what's typically involved, and best practices to set yourself up for success.

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Combating Phishing Attacks

Combating Phishing Attacks

It seems like we’ve been hearing a lot about phishing in the news in recent years, and this threat hasn’t abated yet. Why are attacks via phishing –and social engineering in general —so prevalent and so effective?  This white paper examines the many different methods employed in phishing attacks and social engineering campaigns, and offers a solution-based approach to mitigating risk from these attack vectors.

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