Testing Your User's Credentials Using, Brute -Force, Social Engineering, and Password Reuse Tactics with Metasploit Pro

According to the latest Verizon data breach report, two out of three breaches involved stolen user credentials. With Metasploit Pro you are able to act like an attacker and test your user's credentials and also their security awareness around social engineering campaigns. Metasploit allows you to use brute-force tactics to try to crack your user passwords, it can easily test cracked passwords across multiple assets, and you can also create social engineering campaigns directed at your employees to see if they fall for the bait. See how to test your user's credentials using the common tactics attackers use within Metasploit Pro.

Metasploit Pro also helps you:

  • Conduct penetration tests 45% faster
  • Validate that vulnerabilities are indeed exploitable to prioritize remediation
  • Manage phishing awareness to reduce user risk, and more!
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