Physical servers. Virtual machines. Network appliances. Employees doing, well, whatever they can get away with on your network. No, IT operations sure ain’t what it used to be. And when you layer on IT tools either severely limited in functionality or incredibly complex to maintain, it’s really not shocking why your operational data is all over the place. So when something goes wrong, where do you start? We’ll show you.

Live endpoint visibility

How easily can you see every endpoint on your network with up-to-the-minute accuracy? Rotate that frown 180°: With InsightOps, you gain visibility across every endpoint on your network within seconds, including insight into each endpoint’s status, location, resource utilization metrics, and more. Trade in that incomplete or out-of-date view of your network for total infrastructure awareness with InsightOps.

Asset management

With Endpoint Interrogator, you can ask questions of your endpoints and receive immediate answers. Get an up-to-the-minute list of all applications running on network endpoints. Identify the employee laptop generating a suspicious amount of network traffic. List all of the users logged into a particular workstation. With InsightOps, the insight is endless.

Infrastructure monitoring

InsightOps dramatically simplifies IT infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting by centralizing data from servers, workstations, firewalls, routers, Active Directory, and more into one secure location. And by combining endpoint visibility and log analytics into a single console, you can identify an issue’s root cause easier than ever before. Immediately identify endpoints meeting specific criteria, then switch to log view for an in-depth record of events. Or start by searching logs for known issues, then switch to Endpoint Interrogator to identify related endpoints.

Log centralization and analysis

Collecting all of your infrastructure data into one central and secure location can be the most challenging and important step in practicing successful IT operations—and collaborating with other teams like security and DevOps. With options for collecting log data via agent, syslog, API, and more, InsightOps makes it easy to centralize all of your infrastructure data for troubleshooting, monitoring, visualizing, alerting, and compliance requirements. In addition to traditional log management, InsightOps makes light work of tracking system metrics like CPU, Memory, Disk I/O, and more.

Running environments in the public cloud? InsightOps has out-of-the-box integrations with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform for greater visibility into your environments.

Maintaining compliance

Many compliance requirements call for the secure centralization of log data for regular viewing and reporting. InsightOps makes it easy to secure log data from across your entire infrastructure into a single secure location where it can’t be manipulated. InsightOps also dramatically simplifies the process of reviewing log data on a regular basis and receiving notifications of suspicious or anomalous activity. And with ad-hoc and scheduled reports, you’ll always have the records needed for auditing purposes. Need to monitor for out-of-compliance software? InsightOps Endpoint Interrogator gives you up-to-the-minute visibility into software running across your network.