Penetration Testing Solutions

Discover security gaps through safely simulated attacks on your network

Generally, when people think the world is conspiring against them, you’d toss them a tinfoil hat and get on with your day. But in the world of security? Well, it’s not exactly Lizard People—but things working against you comes with the territory. Attackers on the prowl. Vulnerabilities lying dormant in your network. Even – and especially – your own employees. That’s why it’s crucial your security program is equipped to defend your network against technology, process, and people. And that’s where penetration testing can help.

Penetration testing (or pen testing) is the practice of attacking your own IT systems, just as an attacker would, in order to uncover active security gaps on your network. Penetration testing is conducted in a way that allows you to safely simulate these attacks, so you can discover your organization’s actual exposures – whether within technologies, people, or processes – without taking down your network. A pen testing tool or program is a must-have in any security program, providing you with a virtual map of your exposures and where to direct your resources.

Wreck Yourself to Check Yourself

Test your defenses with Metasploit, the world's leading penetration testing tool.

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Penetration testing gets you in the attacker mindset

The goal of penetration testing shouldn’t simply be compliance. Although it is a requirement for PCI compliance and HIPAA compliance, what you're really trying to accomplish is a simulation of how attackers would exploit the actual vulnerabilities in your network, live, in the real world. Yet without a deep understanding of programming languages and exploit writing, it can be difficult to simulate a real attack efficiently. In order to get in the attacker mindset, you have to use a penetration testing tool that automates the tactics that normally take days or weeks, so you can simulate them in the precious few hours and minutes you have.

Rapid7 Penetration Testing

Whether you’re looking for advanced penetration testing technology to bring in-house, or you’d like to use a trusted third party to simulate a real-world attack, Rapid7 has you covered.

With Metasploit Pro, you can utilize the most widely used penetration testing software in the world without having to learn coding or command line. For power framework users and general security professionals, Metasploit Pro shaves days off of your penetration test by automating exploitation, evidence collection, and reporting. Metasploit Pro also makes it easy to conduct client side attacks, with advanced bruteforcing techniques and phishing attacks. Combined with the ability to stealthily conceal your exploits and pivot around a network, Metasploit Pro makes it easy to simulate a real attack on your or your customer’s network, and continuously assess your defenses.

You can also engage Rapid7’s penetration testing services to assess your network, application, wireless, and social engineering security. Our team of industry-renowned experts use a deep knowledge of the attacker mindset to fully demonstrate the security level of your organization's key systems and infrastructure.