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What is Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)?

SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) refers to a collection of software solutions and tools that allow organizations to streamline security operations in three key areas: threat and vulnerability management, incident response, and security operations automation.

To break it down further, security automation is the automatic handling of security operations-related tasks. It is the process of executing these tasks—such as scanning for vulnerabilities, or searching for logs—without human intervention. Security orchestration refers to a method of connecting security tools and integrating disparate security systems. It is the connected layer that streamlines security processes and powers security automation.

How can SOAR help your organization?

Organizations today face many challenges when it comes to getting ahead of their security goals. For one, finding talent is time-consuming, and once you do find the right fit you want them to be able to focus on the most impactful work—not get bogged down in manual, recurring, time-intensive tasks. Additionally, chances are high that your organization uses technology that multiple teams need to touch and collaborate on, yet the various pieces don’t always integrate.

While adding a 25th hour into the day will remain a pipe dream, it is possible to get some time back and achieve your security goals. That’s where security orchestration and automation comes in. With an effective security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solution, it’s possible to achieve more, in less time, while still allowing for human decision-making when it’s most critical. Move beyond relying on point-to-point integrations for your technology stack; instead, rely on a solution that empowers you to build out your various processes and connects you with the right people and technology to achieve your goals.

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SOAR Helps Build Workflows. Streamline Operations.

One way to be successful with the orchestration layer is to use a solution that comes with a library of plugins for the most-used technology and a set of pre-built workflows for common use cases, enabling you to easily connect your technology stack and automate across your security and IT processes. You will likely need to build additional orchestrations or workflows customized to your team, but having pre-built examples or easy-to-use building blocks to work from should help accelerate that process.

SOAR Increases Flexibility, Extensibility, and Collaboration

A security orchestration, automation and response solution should provide you with flexibility and additional opportunities for collaboration. Whether it’s adapting workflows for your organization, creating and managing integrations, or building entirely new processes, it’s important to look for a vendor that is willing to partner with you.

A partnership built to last, with a community focus, will support you in achieving your security orchestration and automation goals to accelerate your security program. Your partner should set you up for success, working alongside you to achieve your goals. They should understand the use cases you’re looking to optimize, and help you see solutions you may not have even thought of, all backed by easy-to-understand documentation and support.

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response with InsightConnect

InsightConnect is a security orchestration, automation, and response solution that enables your team to accelerate and streamline time-intensive processes without writing a single line of code. With 200+ plugins to connect your tools and easily customizable connect-and-go workflows, you’ll free up your team to tackle other challenges, while still leveraging human decision points when it’s most critical. With significant time savings and productivity gains across overall security operations, you’ll go from overwhelmed to operating at maximum efficiency in no time.