Environmental Sustainability Policy

At Rapid7, our purpose is simple: secure the foundations of our technologically-dependent society. At its heart, cybersecurity health is directly tied to our ability to successfully manage our massive and increasingly-complex technology ecosystem. We believe that Cybersecurity works best when individuals, companies and government work together to achieve results. So too, is our perspective on sustainability.  Our environmental strategy is intended as an overview of the efforts we are undertaking as a business and as a global participant in the fight against climate change.

Governance and Corporate Citizenship:

  • Our Sustainability Committee meets regularly to discuss how we continue to improve our approach and ensure that we are exceeding all applicable environmental laws and regulations. 
  • We Identify and measure the most material environmental impacts of our operations. 
  • We establish targets to reduce our environmental impact and strive for continuous improvement. Even though we are a technology company with no physical manufacturing, we work to minimize our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We calculate our GHG emissions on a regular basis to review where we can make more of an impact. 

How we use resources:

  • We reuse, recycle, and responsibly dispose of electronic waste. Rapid7 is committed to using third party vendors that allow us to recycle our outdated electronics according to international guidelines.
  • We minimize waste sent to landfill through recycling in all locations and composting of food waste in select Rapid7 offices.
  • We conduct waste audits in larger Rapid7 offices to measure waste reduction.
  • We have switched from single use dishware and cutlery to reusable products, reducing the amount of waste we send to landfills.
  • We measure major greenhouse gas emissions with the aim of continuous reduction of carbon-intensive activities, improved energy efficiencies, and the procurement of renewable energy.

Our offices:

  • We develop goals, practices, and metrics to measure and create more sustainable workplaces at Rapid7 offices globally.
  • We rely on video conferencing technology in all Rapid7 offices in order to reduce carbon emissions from non-essential business travel. 
  • We locate offices near transportation hubs to maximize the number of employees who use public transportation.
  • We locate offices in areas with easy, walkable access to a wide range of amenities.
  • We use sustainable materials and systems when completing new offices builds and retrofitting where appropriate.