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Why you should care about IPv6 Security even if you think you shouldn't - Whiteboard Wednesday

With more people on the earth than IPv6 addresses, it's just a matter of time before we run out of available IPv4 addresses. At the same time, adoption of IPv6 has been fairly sluggish. Many organizations don't realize that although they may have not implemented IPv6 yet, their IT environment may still be at risk related to IPv6. The main reasons for this is that many devices are configured by default for both IPv6 and IPv4. Why is this a real security risk? * IPv6 devices are hard to detec

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Moving from HML (High, Medium, Low) Hell to Security Heaven – Whiteboard Wednesdays

At last check there are about 22 new vulnerabilities being published and categorized every single day (see National Vulnerability Database web site - In total, the National Vulnerability Database now contains more than 53,000 vulnerabilities. No wonder security professionals are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of vulnerabilities in their daily practices. At the same time, the prioritization schema that many organizations use are quite basic and are either proprietary or

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SC Magazine Awards - Round 2

We got the SC Magazine Award for best vulnerability management tool back in February [/2012/02/29/rapid7-wins-coveted-sc-magazine-award-for-best-vulnerability-management-tool] , since then a lot of cool things have happened. See for yourself! Thanks again to all of the readers of SC Magazine for voting for us!

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Rapid7 Wins Coveted SC Magazine Award for Best Vulnerability Management Tool

Thorsten George, VP of Worldwide of Marketing and Products for Agiliance on the left and Bernd Leger, VP of Marketing, Products & Solutions at Rapid7 on the right Sitting in a room of hundreds of industry leaders and security vendors, it was extremely gratifying to hear our name called and being asked on stage to receive one of the coveted SC Magazine Awards last night in San Francisco. Rapid7 won the prestigious “Best Vulnerability Management Tool” Award in the Reader's Trust Award Categor