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Exploit Trends: New Microsoft and MySQL Exploits Make the Top 10

The new Metasploit exploit trends are out, where we give you a list of the top 10 most searched Metasploit exploit and auxiliary modules from our exploit database (DB) []. These stats are collected by analyzing searches on in our webserver logs, not through usage of Metasploit, which we do not track for privacy reasons. In June 2012, we also have three new entries on the list, and seven existing contenders. Here they are, annotated with Tod Bea

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Mentoring Junior Red Team Members with Metasploit Pro

Penetration testers are not born, they're made, and we all had to start somewhere. So how do you bring new new team members up to speed, mentoring them into a new role? Metasploit users in red teams and consulting organizations often tell me that they like to leverage the Metasploit Pro team collaboration feature for this purpose. Metasploit Pro is accessed through a web interface that is available not only on the local host but also across the network (personal firewall rules permitting). As a

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Creating a PCI 11.3 Penetration Testing Report in Metasploit

PCI DSS Requirement 11.3 requires that you "perform penetration testing at least once a year, and after any significant infrastructure or application upgrade or modification". You can either conduct this PCI penetration test in-house [/2011/10/20/pci-diy-how-to-do-an-internal-pentest-to-satisfy-pci-dss-requirement-113] or hire a third-party security assessment. Metasploit Pro offers a PCI reporting template, which helps you in both of those cases. If you are conducting the penetration test in-h

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How to Create Custom Reports in Metasploit

Metasploit Pro has a powerful reporting engine with many standard reports but also great ways to build your own reports. Custom reports can help you if in a couple of different ways: * Add your logo and corporate design to reports * Change the way reports display the information * Translate a reporting template to your local language * Create new reports for regional compliance needs A custom report is a report that you use template to generate. You can generate a custom report with a temp

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Exploit Trends: CCTV DVR Login Scanning and PHP CGI Argument Injection

Last month, we gave you a list of the top 10 most searched Metasploit exploit and auxiliary modules from our exploit database (DB) []. These stats are collected by analyzing searches on in our webserver logs, not through usage of Metasploit, which we do not track for privacy reasons. We were curious how the list changed month over month, and now we have the first results for May 2012. As expected, most exploits only moved around a little but we

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Webcast: Don't Pick the Lock, Steal the Key - Password Auditing With Metasploit

David Maloney's webcast for for network administrators and security engineers is now available online. David discusses weaknesses in password-based authentication on clients and servers and how to audit these as part of a regular security program. What you'll learn in this webcast * Password storage systems and password obfuscation * Strengths and weaknesses of the various approaches * Real-life examples of badly implemented password authentication mechanisms * How to audit passwords on yo

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Can't Exploit Machines? A Metasploit Troubleshooting How To

It can be very frustrating to try exploiting machines and not succeeding, especially if your vulnerability report is showing a lot of vulnerabilities on the hosts you are trying to exploit. This is usually due to one of the following reasons: 1. Not all reported vulnerabilities are exploitable. It may be because a firewall or IPS/IDS is successfully stopping the attack, or simply because your vulnerability scanner reported a false positive. 2. Your Metasploit machine or network connec

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Using BackTrack 5 R2 with Metasploit Community or Metasploit Pro

As of version 5 R2, BackTrack comes pre-installed with Metasploit 4.1.4, so it's now easier to use Metasploit Community Edition or Metasploit Pro on BackTrack. Here is how it's done: * After BackTrack boots, enter startx to get into the UI. * Install BackTrack in a virtual machine using the Install BackTrack icon in the top left corner. This is recommended so that Metasploit remembers its product key; otherwise, you would have to register Metasploit each time. * Log in with user root,

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Are You in the Business of Selling Fear?

Let's be honest, security is primarily sold on the fear of something bad happening. If a breach occurs how will business continuity be affected? What will it cost? How bad could it be? These are the questions penetration testing seeks to answer for you. The end result is completion of a cost benefit analysis for purchasing security controls. The cost benefit analysis is calculated by totaling the cost of a single loss or breach, multiplied by breach likelihood, and comparing that to the price of

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Top 10 Most Searched Metasploit Exploit and Auxiliary Modules

At Rapid7, we often get asked what the top 10 Metasploit modules are. This is a hard question to answer: What does "top" mean anyway? Is it a personal opinion, or what is being used in the industry? Because many Metasploit users work in highly sensitive environments, and because we respect our users' privacy, the product doesn't report any usage reports back to us. We may have found a way to answer your questions: We looked at our web server stats, specifically the Metasploit Aux

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How Data Breaches Affect Your Brand Value

A company's reputation, represented by its brand, can take a huge hit in a data breach, but it's also one of the hardest things to calculate in hard dollars. Imagine that all buildings of the Coca-Cola company burn down today. Someone is offering you to buy the rights to use the brand Coca-Cola in the future to sell beverages. What would this right be worth to you? Although the entire enterprise has ceased to exist, the brand still has a certain value. Many companies invest a lot of money for

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Automated Security Assessments Can Stop Untargeted Attacks

Nothing can replace a manual security assessment, especially if you are defending against highly targeted attacks or advanced persistent threats (APTs). However, the majority of attacks are untargeted, trying to exploit or brute force servers on a large scale with minimal effort and minimal risk. So why are penetration testers still mostly testing by hand, especially if they are overworked and companies are having trouble hiring skilled people? According to the Verizon business report, 67% of d

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New Metasploit Track for Nerdcore Fans

2Pac, Jay-Z, and Eminem - watch out for this year's new music star: Marco. I recently heard this track and wanted to share it with you. Great tune, and free for you to download for the weekend! Download: What You Need - Metasploit! [] If you would like to hear more Nercore music, also check out DualCore's 2011 Metasploit track [/2011/02/24/dual-cores-metasploit-track-free-download]!

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A Penetration Test is Quality Assurance for Your Security Controls

“We've spent all this money on IT security and you're still telling me that you don't know whether our systems are secure?” your CEO might say. In addition, they may challenge that you should know your systems well enough to know their weaknesses? Not really. Let's say you're a manufacturer of widgets. Even if you have the best machine and the brightest people working for you, you'll still want to ensure that the widgets that leave the factory will work as expected to ensure high customer sat

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New Metasploit Swag Store Is Online

You may remember the awesome Metasploit T-shirt contest we ran in April of last year [/2011/04/13/who-will-you-be-wearing-vote-for-the-new-metasploit-t-shirt]. We received a ton of submissions at the time and selected a winning T-shirt, designed by Danny Chrastil. It was a long and arduous journey for us to get the T-shirts printed and to get the back-end systems up and running for the Metasploit Swag Store []...but it's finally here. Yes, you'll notice that